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Colorful Coron—unbelievable!

By Jullie Y. Daza
Images by Marc Yap


Seen from the top, cove is picture-perfect, inviting, waiting.

Through the eyes of a stranger with a camera. Coron, Palawan lay at their feet in all its breathtaking beauty.

Coron, a destination in Western Luzon about to threaten the supremacy of Boracay as the favorite of natives and foreigners who crave for refreshment for their souls, a green and blue space to replace the gray of the concrete jungle, an idyllic pause from Mother Nature’s temper tantrums.

After six sun-soaked days in Boracay, Marc Yap and Lindsay Paolini, visitors from Sacramento, California, felt they owed it to themselves to linger in Palawan, which during the last century was already being labeled as the Philippine archipelago’s last frontier. (If that were true, what was Batanes at the very top of the tip of the North, which has been a last frontier for the longest time?)


Marc and Lindsay, with boatman, are A-OK as they sail away.


Only one way to describe the water: clear as crystal.

Three days in Coron was not enough for Marc and Lindsay, but considering the rest of their itinerary, the pair had to return home to Manila to fulfill such family obligations as lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch with cousins and more cousins, and of course, shopping, which they chose to do in Greenhills. As an afterthought, maybe Greenhills was a subconscious choice for Marc — that’s near where he was born, before he was bundled off for the trip of a lifetime to the US which has been home since then, for the last 34 years.


A scene so out-and-out pretty, with boats and outriggers seemingly skimming the glassy surface of the water.


Up or down the stairs, the view is terrific.

This is how Marc and his camera describe their vacation in Palawan:

“Filipino food fest for two part two! Between Boracay and Palawan, Lindsay and I had lots to choose from. Delicious delights like the caramel espresso pancake, grilled cheese pork belly pandesal sandwich, Coco Mama ice cream bowl, or simply just the black burger! Not sure how much of that was ‘Filipino’ but either way, the food here is a killer!”


‘The food here is a killer!’

“Colorful Coron! I could only capture a fraction of what this place has to offer. So different from Boracay but beautiful and unique in its own way. Multicolored tour boats, with emerald bays, surrounded by crystal-clear water provided more for the eye than one could have hoped for.


Lindsay Paolini of Sacramento, Calif. almost at the top of 700 steps.


Sunset’s colors soften the scenery.

“After an eight-hour island tour and fresh lunch on the ocean, the wind took us up to Mt. Tapayas, a mere 700 steps overlooking the city. We saw everything from below the ocean all the way to the top of the mountain, what an unbelievable place!”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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