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Men and women have long been in pursuit of the perfect diet that will ensure their way to longevity and looking sexy at any age. The digital age turned this adamant search into a more chaotic and confusing quest due to the influx of information that is readily available with just one click.

Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, low carb diet, high protein diet, elimination diet, the list goes on and on. Which is the best and the most effective one? Are you among those who no longer know which diet to adhere to? Are one with those who are already bordering on frustration over the unending cycle of success and failure? When adapting a diet plan, you may initially get positive results but you may find yourself dwindling and slowly deviating from your plan because
it is, first and foremost, unrealistic and unsustainable.

These diets were created for certain conditions which must be done only with the guidance of a registered nutritionist dietitian. Otherwise, you are just exposing yourself to health risks and fail to reap the benefits of the specific diet that was formulated for conditions that may not be suitable for your case.

Change your perspective about dieting and adapt the right way of eating with these foolproof tips:

  1. The right way of eating involves the consumption of adequate water intake throughout the day. One will never go wrong with drinking water, right? A good eight to 12 cups of water is adequate but if you sweat a lot or you engage in any strenuous activities, drink some more. Water is the only thing that is pure and zero-calorie which can keep you from nasty hunger pangs and vicious cravings.
  2. The right way of eating prioritizes the inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits. Apart of the roughage or fiber that cleanses your digestive system, they also contain numerous amounts of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals or phytonutients. These have a lot of health benefits including anti-aging.
  3. The right way of eating pays attention to the quantity and quality of protein for muscle building and immune-boosting. Protein sources may be animal or plant-based. Animal protein contains saturated fats and bad cholesterol unlike plant sources. For those who consume animal protein like pork, beef, chicken, and fish, remove visible fats and choose lean cuts. Vary your protein sources each day.
  4. The right way of eating includes good fats from plant sources like nuts and seeds, as well as, plant oils like pure olive oil. These have anti-inflammatory properties and are also heart, skin, and brain-friendly. Use these oils in moderate amounts to add texture and flavor to your dishes.
  5. The right way of eating involves chewing the food properly before swallowing. This ensures proper digestion, absorption of nutrients, and satiety. Always remember not to preload your spoon when your mouth is still full. This will lead you to consuming more food because you tend to eat fast.
  6.  The right way of eating does digital detox. Focusing on your meals even just for 10 to 15 minutes will give you a satisfying dining experience. This will prevent you from food cravings later after a hard day’s work. Make your mealtime sacred.
  7. The right way of eating requires making nutrient-rich choices readily available even in the midst of a busy schedule. Even if you have no choice but to dine out, make sure you make an effort to have nutritious foods like fresh fruit at home or vegetable smoothies and juices. You just have to be intentional and creative in purchasing, preparing, and eating them. The conscious effort will surely pay off sooner than you expect.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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