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Interview by DOM GALEON

Welcome to our Featured Young Artist segment!
Here we feature young, up-and-coming local artists and ask them questions about their art style and how they express themselves through it.

Luke Alarcon is a 17-year-old artist who started out by simply drawing on his notebooks while in elementary school. When he was nine Luke found an inclination for portraits and learned to draw with charcoal, until he had a connection with the classical works of Rembrandt.

How would you describe your art and yourself as an artist?
My art is combination of classical and contemporary art—focusing more on the figurative and emotions of portraits, with the twist of modernity to connect and influence people’s lives on how to survive problems and have a positive outlook on life.

Though it’s hard, my paintings show my opinions of how I can help people with their problems— that there is hope and wonderful things happen if we just try to keep on going, that sometimes things just happen for a reason.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
One of the reasons why I paint is so I can earn money. My family isn’t well off, and all I wish is that with what I earn I will be able to help people in need.

Painting is my passion, another reason I’m inspired to paint is because of the people around me who taught me about life, and I want to share with everyone what I see, what I feel, and what I observe. That’s a big reason why I paint, it’s not just for myself but for others too.

Luke Alarcon's very first oil painting, which he did when he was 12 years old

Luke Alarcon’s very first oil painting, which he did when he was 12 years old

Do you have a particularly favorite piece that you’ve done?
Almost everything I’ve done are my favorites, but one that stands out is Sesamecid because through this painting I was first able to translate my own feelings into a work. Because of this piece I started to write my feelings down for a girl I liked, which is why there is “sweet” written across the top. I mentioned earlier that I express what I want to do or say to those who see my paintings, and it all started with Sesamecid.

What is your personal opinion about young people pursuing arts, whether as a passion or as a profession?

My personal opinion or advice for those starting out in painting is to be true to what they want, or what passion they want in life—if painting is really want they want to do.

Any message you want give to aspiring artists?

Just don’t quit, and trust God in all things. I know that the life of an artist is difficult at first, but the right time will ultimately come for you to reap what you sow.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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