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LOOK: Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff announce pregnancy

By Jane Kingsu Cheng

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff have been asked a lot of times if they are expecting since they got married last November 2017. At a press conference last month, Anne even requested the media and the public to stop asking married women when they plan to get pregnant. 

So it came as a pleasant surprise to everyone when the couple posted an Instagram video in their personal accounts today, November 10. Anne Curtis left a caption in her post, “I think you should know something… Another reason to love November… @erwan. Music: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by @cigsaftersex. The intro shows Anne walking through a dreamy field, while Erwan is seen walking on the cement pavement set in the city to meet Anne at the park. Shot with an amazing scenery, accompanied by lush leaves set in this colorful Autumn season, little did the viewers know that the couple was preparing their viewers for the new chapter that they are about to enter.

The last ten seconds show Erwan sitting on a bench, with Anne Curtis taking off her white coat to show off her red dress with a baby bump and sitting down beside him. Erwan posted the same video clip in this own Instagram account with a simple caption, “5/9.” Could it mean that the pregnant Anne is five months on the way? 

We will be waiting for more updates from the expecting couple. Congratulations!

Source: Manila Bulletin

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