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Facebook unveils new company logo (Images from Facebook)

Facebook introduces new company logo (Images from Facebook)

Facebook has unveiled a new logo. This aims to create a clear distinction between the Facebook as a company and its social media app. According to its chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio, the new branding—the company name in a crisp lettering—will be stamped on its “family” of services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Oculus. 

“The new branding was designed for clarity, and uses custom typography and capitalization to create visual distinction between the company and app,” he says. “Over the coming weeks, we will start using the new brand within our products and marketing materials, including a new company website.”

facebook new logo

The move comes with Facebook under intense scrutiny from regulators around the world over how it polices content on its platforms, and with some politicians and activists seeking a breakup of Silicon Valley giants.

Since they started15 years ago, Facebook has acquired Oculus, a virtual reality (VR) gear company, as well as image-based social network Instagram. Its messaging applications WhatsApp and Messenger are each used by more than a billion people. With reports from AFP

Source: Manila Bulletin

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