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Pinoy netizen posts video of ‘fake’ eggs passing off as free range

By Tim Muñoz


The fame or infamy of eggs has waxed and waned through time, as the ebb and flow of diet fads sway the tide for the ubiquitous nucleus. Eggs have enjoyed a recent boost from the sudden popularity of diets such as Paleo, Keto, and Primed, placing importance on high quality fat and protein sources as the cornerstone of the diet.

A superfood in every right, eggs are packed with protein, a full essential amino acid profile, and are one of the best natural sources for selenium, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent and repair cell damage. It’s such a great source of nutrition that some local blood banks and hospitals give donors a boiled egg instead of a sugary treat after they donate.

fake eggs 2Screenshot of how fake eggs are made

While we could go on and on extolling the value of eggs, they haven’t been without controversy. One such controversy is the issue of fake eggs being sold to the mass market. A netizen recently alerted us of a popular membership shopping chain in the Philippines allegedly selling fake eggs, passing them off as “free range” eggs. 

The video starts off with the netizen showing a tray of eggs. She then pans around to show a glimpse of cooked eggs that have a suspiciously alien looking yolk before she cracks an egg open. A familiar site graces the camera as the albumen (whites) oozes out, followed by a jarring image of the questionable “yolk” plop into the bowl. She then examines the yolk, confirming that it is indeed solid, reminiscent of a boiled egg yolk rather than a fresh one. 

fake eggs bannerPlastic Egg

While the video is indeed shocking, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the eggs are fake. There are a few reasons to why this could happen to otherwise fresh eggs. Both eggs well past their prime and eggs thawed out after being accidentally frozen can sometimes look like the ones in the video, albeit with a slightly softer yolk. If you encounter eggs of dubious nature, don’t throw them out! Take them back to the store along with the receipt to either have them replaced or refunded (depending on store policy).

Source: Manila Bulletin

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