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Products that spread holiday cheer

By Sol Vanzi


The Yuletide season means celebrations with friends and loved ones around food normally associated with good times and sweet memories. Those were the themes of two very timely food affairs we attended last week, which told us that Christmas is definitely in the air.



Movie star Judy Ann Santos was involved in the first event, demonstrating how practical and efficient it is to use Coco Mama Fresh Gata in all recipes requiring coconut cream. Judy Ann, wife and mother, is also a chef and a whiz in the kitchen.

During the cooking demo, she showed that the fresh gata product was ready-to-use, in easy-to-open packs. There is no more difficult scraping of mature coconut meat from the shell, no more finger-breaking mashing and squeezing of grated coconut to extract the cream or milk.

IMG_6307Adobong Baboy sa Gata

Members of the media present at the launch found out what Judy Ann meant, just how difficult it was to extract coconut cream the old fashioned way. A contest showed majority could not squeeze 100 milliliters of creamfrom the meat of one coconut. Contrast this to 200 milliliters of freshly squeezed gata (coconut milk) in every small pack of Coco Mama, for the price of one coconut.

Proudly made in the Philippines using mature coconuts, every pack contains coconut cream from freshly pressed coconut meat. Judy Ann gushed, “These coconuts are grated, pressed, and packed on the same day, ensuring only sarap ng unang piga in every pack! It is deliciously creamy, appetizingly puting-puti, and nagmamantika when cooked, telling of how truly fresh it is. It’s conveniently packed in a pouch ready to pour. No more kudkod, no more piga-piga.”


IMG_6296Ginataang bilo-bilo

This 100 percent pure coconut milk is safe to use in raw dishes, such as kinilaw, drinks like sago and gulaman, and native desserts. It is thick and creamy, blending well with other ingredients such as in the classic tostadong pinipig sa gata. Convenience is assured by its long shelf life without need of refrigeration. No need to go to market, it is there, at your fingertips, when you need it.

To prove her point, Judy Ann prepared a main course and a dessert using Coco Mama. The adobong baboy sa gata was really superb, with the taste of coconut cream taming the acidity of the vinegar and the sharp bite of garlic. The dessert, ginataang bilo-bilo, brought back lovely images of summer afternoons with schoolmates. It took only a few minutes to cook. No mess, no hard work.


IMG_6399Rich Chocolate Pie

McDonald’s all-new Rich Chocolate Pie, introduced just this week, deserves to be served on a silver platter.

Served piping hot, it has a very crisp crust with no hint of greasiness. The first bite rewards with a flow of
thick chocolate, a blend of three top imported cacao beans.

The rich chocolate pie deserves to be sub-titled rich choco lava pie as it is good enough to be served to the rich and famous.

IMG_6369Coffee McFlurry with Oreo

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is the perfect time to enjoy new, rich, delicious desserts any time of the day– McDonald’s all-new Dreamy Delights: the rich chocolate pie, Coffee McFlurry with Oreo, brown sugar sundae with pearls, and milk tea McFloat with brown sugar pearls.

The new desserts compare well, and are even better than those offered at high-end stores. These are available at McDonald’s stores nationwide starting Oct. 28.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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