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Readers’ Photo Corner

By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Untitled (Rey Soliven)

    Untitled (Rey Soliven)

  • Untitled (Joseph Lim Navarete)

    Untitled (Joseph Lim Navarete)

  • Untitled (Jiroh Xian T. Leaño)

    Untitled (Jiroh Xian T. Leaño)

  • Untitled (Jan Sy)

    Untitled (Jan Sy)

  • Untitled (Erald Jeo Jupista)

    Untitled (Erald Jeo Jupista)

  • The Art Of Arnis (John Leonardo R. Dimain IV)

    The Art Of Arnis (John Leonardo R. Dimain IV)

  • Ngiti (John Carlo Bagas Avelida)

    Ngiti (John Carlo Bagas Avelida)

  • Moon And Twilight (Margareth Custodio)

    Moon And Twilight (Margareth Custodio)

  • Henerasyon (Aeron John G. Remorin)

    Henerasyon (Aeron John G. Remorin)

  • Cliff Flying (Rowell B. Timoteo)

    Cliff Flying (Rowell B. Timoteo)

    Mobile photography enthusiast Jan Sy of Binondo, Manila shares an untitled bird’s eye view of the Binondo Church and its environs at night. “I’m an advocate of discipline in the Philippines,” writes Jan. “One of my ways to express my advocacy is through photos, showing the potential of Manila as a clean and smart city to live in, if only the people would cooperate to keep it clean. Inspired by 2018 Mr. Chinatown, Moises Limyuen, we encourage others to be mindful toward people and environment, to be compassionate and have a leadership attitude so that the community will grow positively, and that the future generations could enjoy what he enjoyed.” Jan was recently invited to join the Huawei Mobile Photography group.

    From call center agent and real estate salesperson Jiroh Xian T. Leaño is an untitled macro shot of a praying mantis with mountains in the background. His photo tag reads: “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another prey.”

    The photo “Moon and Twilight” comes from astronomer Margareth Custodio. She writes: “I want to share with the readers how awesome our sky is and our universe. I attached a photo I took at my workplace at the Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong City. I used my phone for the image.”

    Professional product/furniture designer and street photography hobbyist Rey Soliven sent in an untitled photo of “a well-loved candid shot of patterns and lines taken in Zambales.

    Rowell B. Timoteo submitted the photo, “Cliff-flying” taken at Immuki Island, Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union. His photo description reads: “Immuki Island in Balaoan, La Union serves as a natural place to take a break from the monotony of modern life. This boy took a deep breath and dove into the warm waters of the coral pool, taking the leap of faith, flying freely.”

    Aeron John G. Remorin, a senior high school student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University contributed the reflection photo, “Henerasyon.”

    From Erald Jeo Jupista is an untitled photograph of a festive shower of light from fireworks.

    “Ngiti,” a photo of a smiling balloon vendor is from John Carlo Bagas Avelida. He writes: “Nakakatuwang isipin na kahit kaaga siguro at kalayo ang kanyang nilalakad makapagbenta lamang ng lobo ay hindi pa din niya nakakalimutang ngumiti.”

    Freelance photographer John Leonardo R. Dimain IV of Tuguegarao, Cagayan shares “The Art of Arnis” which won him the bronze medal at the 2018 UNESCO International Centre for Martial Arts International Photo Contest. He took the photo in Lal-lo, Cagayan. He shares: “I started photography five years ago and love to capture and promote the Philippine culture and tourism destinations through my lenses.”

    And the untitled portrait of a woman with hands on her face comes from Joseph Lim Navarete.

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    Source: Manila Bulletin

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