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The 19th Grand Wine Experience pays tribute to ‘Generations’

By Jules Vivas


One of the country’s most prestigious wine events, The Grand Wine Experience (GWE), is intuitive and always evolving, similar to how vino would taste better as it ages. Surpassing all previous editions, the occasion will present over 700 wines, beers, whiskeys, sakes, and spirits this year, alongside a sumptuous buffet to be prepared by Meik Brammer, executive chef at Marriott Manila. This social gathering is a venue for wine and alcohol enthusiasts to discover the stories, history, and people behind the drinks.

IMG_5660Crab and apple salad by Chef Meik Brammer

“We tried to create an experience that is just a sensory explosion, and this year is no different, but it’s bigger. We’ve upped our game. We have new suppliers and new countries joining in,” said Robi Joseph of the Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM). “That’s always so fantastic, because the wonderful thing about wines is that you get to experience what a country is like. You get to understand certain things about it like the environment, the soil, the climate. All of that gets distilled, or rather, fermented into a glass.” Director of marketing at PWM, Ronnie Joseph explains this year’s theme, “We connect our theme to wine, philosophy, and life. This year, we’re talking about ‘generations’ cause wine firms is among the oldest in the world. It has to do with the age of the wines, the age of the vineyards, and how these vineyards are being passed down from generation to generation.”

Last year’s Philippine Grand Wine Experience

Hennessy will be serving one of its most popular spirits, V.S cognac, either on the rocks or in cocktails. One particular interesting mix of this modern-day equivalent of the Henessy threestar, would be the Henessy milk tea. Other unique wines that would be served for the first time are the Terrazas de los Andes Altos del Plata malbec and cabernet sauvignon. This year would also feature the full range of Chivas that would be incorporated to cocktails.

IMG_5685Director of marketing at PWM, Ronnie Joseph

Some of the new wines that would be brought in are coming from Santorini in Greece, and Mount Hermon in Israel. Meanwhile, 14 legendary sake breweries from 11 prefectures of Japan, such as Dassai, Tatenokawa, and Gekkeikan, among others, will also showcase some of their drinks.

This year’s GWE will be held at The Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila. +632 853 9894 | +632 831 7951 |

Source: Manila Bulletin

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