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This stylish fan becomes a sustainable option to move air inside a space

By Angela Casco

One can’t see it but can feel it.

Airflow and ventilation inside a space are often overlooked—much less, talked about—when building or designing a space. Though these are not as visible as key home pieces like the sofa, coffee table, or bed, these are just as important.

“Air movement can be pretty unpredictable and there’s an actual science to it,” says Liza Morales Crespo, chief executive officer of Philippine Geo Green. “It’s not as easy as buying any type of furnishing.”

In an intimate gathering at Crespo’s home, both she and Tony Yeong, managing director for Asia of Big Ass Fans, shared why both are non-negotiables, as well as how to achieve them with eco-friendly options.


If there’s anyone who knows all the important factors to consider when building or styling a home, it’s Crespo.

FAN FAIR Fans are recommended must-haves in any part of a home, whether in the dining area, living room, or bedroom. (Inset) Philippine Geo Green chief executive officer Liza Morales Crespo

FAN FAIR Fans are recommended must-haves in any part of a home, whether in the dining area, living room, or bedroom.

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As an architect, she puts importance to air movement, apart from the design.

“Good air circulation and natural ventilation are very important, especially if we want the building to be sustainable,” she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Home. “If there is no good air circulation, we would have to rely on mechanical means to achieve comfort for the building’s inhabitants. This translates to higher electrical consumption and operational costs. Given that our resources are finite, well-ventilated spaces should be a priority.”

Ventilating a space, however, is less about having windows and more about wisely choosing their locations.

“For effective air circulation, window openings should be strategically located in order to take advantage of the winds,” she explains. “Ideally, a well-ventilated space should have proper inlets and outlets for good air exchange.”

When natural ventilation is not enough to do the job, that’s where fans can be of help.

(Inset) Philippine Geo Green chief executive officer Liza Morales Crespo

Philippine Geo Green chief executive officer Liza Morales Crespo

“Fans increase airflow in a space so there’s no stagnant air,” Crespo says. Her own two-story condominium unit in Mandaluyong is a perfect example of a home that has been made more conducive for living with multiple fans from one of the brands Philippine Geo Green carries, Big Ass Fans.

Key spaces such as the living room, bedroom, as well as the home’s entrance and high ceiling just beside the staircase, have the brand’s flagship offering, the haiku fans, in various sizes and finishes.

“Before the haiku fans, which was around five years ago, we only had air conditioning and stand fans in our home. I couldn’t find ceiling fans, which were nice enough to fit the modern aesthetic of my condominium,” she says.

“With the haiku fans, we have seen a drop in our energy consumption as we no longer rely on air conditioning during the colder months. The haiku fans were able to provide additional cooling during warmer months when the temperature reaches record highs.”

Sickness has been occurring less often for her family, too, who lives in a kind of space where natural ventilation is a challenge.

“I noticed that my family has been getting sick a lot less since we installed the fans four years ago, owing to the improved circulation in our home,” she says. “The haiku fans have helped address this issue of ventilation by moving air throughout the space, especially where there are pockets of stagnant air.”

Even in her company’s office, where the said fans are also in use, the haiku fans work in conjunction with their
already-installed air conditioners.

“The fans help push and distribute the cooled air so the ACs don’t need to work as hard to cool and maintain the
temperature in the whole space,” she says. “This contributes a lot to achieving thermal comfort by circulating air within a space, all with low energy consumption.”


These stylish yet sustainable fans respond to both the clamor for aesthetically-pleasing spaces and the demand for eco-friendly ventilation options.

There are a total of nine finish and color options for this product from Big Ass Fans: cocoa bamboo, caramel bamboo, black aluminum, white aluminum, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brushed aluminum, brushed copper, and polished aluminum.

“These types of finishes fit in almost any lifestyle,” Yeong says.

FEEL THE BREEZE Proper air inlets and outlets like windows allow natural ventilation to keep a space cool

FEEL THE BREEZE Proper air inlets and outlets like windows allow natural ventilation to keep a space cool

Crespo adds that this range of style options has convinced her to finally install fans into her family’s condo unit of 10 years.

“I didn’t have fans [before the haiku fans] because there was not one that met my design aesthetic,” she says. “If Big Ass Fans didn’t come up with this lifestyle fan, I wouldn’t have compromised for those that aren’t minimalist, clean,
and sleek-looking. This is also my home so if it’s not pleasing to the sight, there’s no way I would put it here.”

As the country with the highest energy rates across Asia, Crespo says “green” options like the haiku fans can be an efficient choice in terms of cost and sustainability.

“When [Philippine Geo Green] started 10 years ago, the ‘green movement’ was still in its infancy. It’s not a buzzword unlike today, thanks to advocates like Greta Thun- berg,” she says. “What has worked for us though is the fact that people have started looking into the return of their investment. Considering that haiku fans have been repeatedly recognized for its energy efficiency makes it, over time, worth the slightly higher price tag than conventional fans.”

In the five years that Crespo has been using the haiku fans at home, she says she’s had no problems with its maintenance.

“These fans last for quite a long time. It’s maintenance-free. I just have to wipe the blades occasionally,” she says. “That’s another quality that makes it sustainable. You can buy something that’s way cheaper [than this] but by the end of the year, you’ll have to throw it out because you can’t use it anymore.”

All these qualities—energy efficiency, great design, and topnotch quality—have always been Big Ass Fans’ priority in developing products.

“We’re unlike other brands that have a number of verticals that do all sorts of household appliances. We’re also not a brand that is only interested in delivering fans by the number,” Yeong says. “We focus on delivering fans as a solution.”

Yeong advises everyone to be involved in helping improve the worsening environment conditions.

“Everybody needs to put their share in the initiative to save Mother Earth,” he says. “If you are able to do it hassle-free by having a lifestyle product that consumes less energy, why not do it?”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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