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Your Best Foot Forward


To highlight the renowned “Healing Foot Treatment” and its benefits, Conrad Manila invited Albin Brion, Hong Kong-based podiatrist to the stars such as Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, for a four-day engagement at the Conrad Spa. Seven guests per day were able to experience the luxurious signature Bastien Gonzales pedicure, a 60-minute specially designed foot care and pedicure session, followed by a relaxing foot massage that helps alleviate soreness and aids in restoring the elasticity of the skin and nails.

Here’s what the foot doctor told us:

1. Make sure to soften up cuticles with cuticle oil or moisturizer before cutting it.

2. The word “pedicure” has had a wrong connotation over time, looking at it as a foot treatment that involves colors and prints and uncomfortable nipper cutting. It was in fact derived from two Latin words: pedi, which means foot, and curare, which means cure. Spa pedicures are just beauty enhancements and don’t make use of scientific tools to “heal the feet.”

3. Massaging your feet upward from the heel using a pedi moisturizer pushes the pressure back up on your body, giving your mobility its much needed rest.

4. Trimming and pushing cuticles too often will make it regenerate, yes, a little too faster than its normal growth speed, so make sure to only push the “non-essential,” rusty parts of the cuticles.

5. Clean, trimmed nail is the trend. Shun the tacky Hello Kitty nail art.

6. The renowned Bastien Gonzales treatment is the complete foot care package. It has the power to give back glow and shine to the nails as well as eliminate calluses and dry skin in just an hour. The foot massage, on the other hand, increases blood flow and muscular flexibility.

7. Cut straight. Never start on the corner.

8. Make sure—and Albin cannot stress this enough—to massage your feet for 30 seconds every evening before bedtime. Put more pressure on the index toe to stimulate blood flow.

9. Don’t wear flip-flops (and high heels) on the regular. They don’t support or protect your feet and, in fact, they put unnecessary pressure on the arches and cause dead skin from friction. This also explains why flip-flop-wearing, Havaianas-hoarding Asians easily develop plantar fasciitis, or a heel inflammation.

10. The feet have 26 bones, 51 muscles, and 103 ligaments. They basically carry you all your life. You better take care of them.





Source: Manila Bulletin

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