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We live in a world where what’s trendy is often synonymous with what is viral. Social media—and the online world, in general—has become a window into what people want and what people look for. As such, it has become customary for online platforms like Google, Twitter, and even streaming services like Netflix and Spotify to release data about the year that is about to end.

For 2019, here’s what caught our attention.

47 Filipino shows

This year saw the first-ever Netflix-produced Filipino film on the popular streaming service, which is Dead Kids by director Mikhail Red. But even before this film, there had been a number of Pinoy movies available for streaming on Netflix. To date, there are now a total of 47 Filipino films on Netflix.

Halalan 2019

According to Google’s year-end report, the most searched news story in the Philippines this year was the 2019 midterm elections. “Halalan 2019” topped the list of news searches in the country, followed by “LET result March 2019,” “Earthquake today,” and “SOGIE Bill.” Hurray for Pinoy political consciousness!

2019 in numbers 2


Although BTS was the most tweeted about K-Pop group this year, there’s a new boy band that’s making P-Pop a thing. SB19 (or Sound Break 19) trends this year under “most searched for male personalities” on Google. The all-Pinoy boy band is the first group to have been trained by Korean entertainment company ShowBT, which now has a branch in the Philippines. SB19 outranked Pasig City Mayor Vico SottoGerald Anderson, and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

0 Strangers: Omegle

The most trending search on Google for 2019 is online chat website Omegle. This free service is unlike other mobile messaging apps because it allows users to chat anonymously with anyone without the need for registering an account or verifying their identity. Chatting with strangers sounds creepy, sure, but maybe it speaks about how Filipinos are generally sociable.

No. 2 in Pornhub

Uhm, yeah. At least we’re no longer number one—thanks, Thailand!

No. 1 ‘Memories’

What better way to end the year than by singing about memories. Topping Spotify’s most streamed song in the Philippines this year is Maroon 5’s latest single “Memories,” which also topped Google’s most searched songs and lyrics for 2019. Ben&Ben’s “Pagtingin” comes in second on Spotify, followed by Arizona Zervas’ “Roxanne.” On Google, the second most searched for song and lyrics is “Ikaw at Ako” by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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