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Beyond Basic: Make a statement at home with functional yet unconventional ceramics

By Angela Casco

Decorating the home of today’s minimalism-slash-Scandinavian theme-obsessed homeowners is pretty much predictable—walls are likely white, couches come in shades of neutral or pastel, and a few tasteful touches of woodsy and golden accents are present in various nooks and corners of the space.

This simplicity in design approach, however, when done incorrectly, becomes boring instead of cozy and straightforward. Going for a basic look, though, when infused with unconventional design touches, makes a statement—or at least that’s what fashion and lifestyle brand Bondi Studios intends to show in its newest venture, Bondi Home.

“We try to create and curate statement pieces, eye-catching, and compliment-worthy accessories that immediately stand out in your homes,” Erica Dee, Robyn See, and Sam Tangco, brand co-founders of Bondi Studios, tell Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “That’s why there’s no way to describe our aesthetic. It’s a combination of modern, flowy lines [and] unconventional yet functional pieces.”

CONVERSATION STARTERS The brand creates unqiue silhouettes for their ceramic vases and bowls

CONVERSATION STARTERS The brand creates unqiue silhouettes for their ceramic vases and bowls






“Fun and quirky pieces” that liven up the home is one other way the brand describes its products, a quality that’s evident in many of its unique pieces, including the body vase.

“The body vase is a crowd favorite,” says the all-girl trio. “We think people like pieces that can’t be found everywhere else but still at a reasonable price point.”

Their jigsaw set, as earlier mentioned, features flowy lines that make the vases look like three puzzle pieces that perfectly fit together and alone, a still remarkably unique piece.

Bondi Home also has a yin yang vase, which are two C-shaped vases in the symbol’s black and white, only speckled.

For a guaranteed conversation starter, its unusually wide and stout U-shaped vase is the piece to go for.

The inspiration for these pieces, according to the trio, come from just about anything.

“[We] brainstorm to create our products, getting inspiration from everywhere—culture, nature, interiors, structures, trends—and gathering all of it in a mood board that serves as a starting point to our collections,” they say. “We also work with our local ceramic makers who not only guide us on what we can and can’t do, but also make our visions come together.”

As eye-candy as their pieces are—what with their creations and curations perfectly capturing the “Instagram aesthetic”—the trio strives to be more than just a visual pleaser.

BONDI'S ANGELS Erica Dee, Robyn See, and Sam Tongco are the lady bosses behind the up-and-coming home interior accessories brand

BONDI’S ANGELS Erica Dee, Robyn See, and Sam Tongco are the lady bosses behind the up-and-coming home interior accessories brand

“[We] are a lifestyle brand creating products that merge aesthetics and function. Our vision is deeply rooted in giving recognition to the skill and creativity of local craftsmanship,” the founders say. “Bondi Home is an extension of that.”

True enough, when the brand started out with fashion accessories a year ago, it tapped a stay-at-home mom “who was skilled and wanted extra income” to make beaded bags for the brand. The same mom eventually trained other mothers in her neighborhood to work on other accessories like headbands , scrunchies, and later,  leather goods.

Their constant compilation and posting of home decor inspo photos from Pinterest that they felt resonated with their brand eventually turned into what is now Bondi Home. Seeing the interest from many of their followers on Instagram “initially sparked our interest” and from there, “just went for it.”

“Since branching out to ceramics and leather goods, we’ve partnered with local ceramic and leather businesses that serve as our suppliers,” they add. “We’re very lucky to be collaborating with experts in their own fields to allow our designs to come to life.”

With every piece, too, Bondi Home seeks to be different from the rest in the field.

“We create one-of-a-kind silhouettes,” the trio says. “We also emphasize our brand because we believe part of the charm is having a story for each piece we create.”

Social media—Instagram, in particular—has been effective in sharing that story.

“[It is] definitely an advantage. Not only is there a growing industry for e-commerce and online shopping, it also plays an important role in conveying the message of our brand—functional yet unconventional. It also allows us to reach a wider audience at a faster rate while making sure we put a spotlight on local brands.”

While the brand has no physical showroom yet, mainly operating via its website, the trio says they are working on a new collection and that they are also planning to participate in more pop-up events this year “so people can see the products in real life.”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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