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EMOJI 2020


With a new year comes a new updates for your smartphones, and your emoji list is about to get longer because a new batch is coming your way.

According to the Unicode Consortium, there will be 117 new emojis to be released in the Emoji 13.0 update, some of which include more skin tone variants and common household items.

2020 Emojipedia

Two new emoji faces arriving in the update are the “smiling face with tear” and the “disguised face.” New person roles are more inclusive as there are “people in veils,” tuxedos,” and “feeding a baby” that can be selected at the user’s behest. An even more inclusive addition to the update is the “transgender flag” and the “transgender symbol.”

Some of the expected favorites in the new object emoji are “bubble tea,” “headstone,” “mirror,” “thong sandal/flip flop,” and “magic wand,” just to name a few. There are even new animals like “seal,” “polar bear,” “cockroach,” “beaver,” and “black cat.”

Check here for the full list of the Emoji 13.0 update.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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