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Feast on dishes that bring abundance at New World Makati Hotel

Featured image- A taste of luckThe hotel’s Chinese New Year feast starts off with Yu Sheng

By Paola Navarette

On Lunar New Year, even Chinese families who are on a budget go all out and splurge on food believed to bring prosperity. Members of the clan even wear colors advised by feng shui experts as appropriate for the year.

For instance, to balance the surplus of the earth element, which dominated 2019, the Year of the Pig, the lucky colors to wear for 2020 are white and blue, symbolizing metal and water. So expect those shades at Jasmine restaurant at New World Makati Hotel. The establishment celebrates the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar by giving seasonal dishes the spotlight.

Since this is the best time for gatherings and reunions, a sumptuous 10-course set menu for six people is being offered. Jasmine, the hotel’s premium Cantonese dining outlet, is known for its dim sum and Chinese specialties created by its resident Chinese executive chef Wong Kam On.

“We source only the finest and freshest produce here. When we set up in our venues for events such as banquets, guests can expect that the quality they’re going to get for Chinese food is of restaurant quality,” Wong says during a preview of the dishes. “Sometimes, we customize dishes. I talk to the guests and ask them if they would like to try something different.”

1B7BB5F4-3E37-4F7C-82A7-FD0D1A3E3903Chef Wong Kam On

This special set menu was designed to attract luck and abundance through auspicious ingredients such as scallops that resemble gold coins for wealth, glutinous rice with its stickiness pertaining to togetherness or unity, and sweet desserts for healthy relationships.

Available until Jan. 26, the dinner menu opened with Yu Sheng, an appetizer composed of salmon, mango, cantaloupe, sour radish, cashew nuts, and pomelo. Fish is believed to signify abundance and therefore, promise prosperity throughout the year. Bright colored fruits such as mango and cantaloupe also symbolize blessings of good luck.

A bowl of Braised Shredded Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Dried Scallop comes after, followed by Stir-Fried Scallop with Shrimp in XO sauce, and Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Marinated Pork, as well as a generous serving of Braised Pork Knuckle served with Black Mushroom and Sea Moss.

For more protein, an indulgent dish of Steamed Live Garoupa in Soy Sauce followed. Capping of the meal was a delightful serving of Nian Gaos in koi fish and round shapes.

Koi Nian Gao at Jasmine (1280x853)A serving of koi fish-shaped Nian Gaos will conclude the meal

Braised pork knuckle, black mushroom, sea moss1Braised Pork Knuckle served with Black Mushroom and Sea Moss

Aside from the set menu, Jasmine also offers six savory and hearty à la carte duck creations masterfully prepared by Chef Wong such as Boiled Salted Duck, Braised Duck with Taro and Coconut Sauce, Chinese-Style Stewed Duck, Deep-Fried Boneless Duck Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, Roasted Duck Breast Rolls, and Sautéed Sliced Duck with Pineapple.

After lunch or dinner, guests can try their luck at the hotel’s Wheel of Fortune. For a minimum expenditure of ₱10,000 for dinner on Jan. 24 and lunch or dinner on Jan. 25, diners are granted one spin, where landing on the rat icon would grant an overnight stay. Other prizes include premium gift items and dining experiences.

For more information, call +63 2 8811 6888 ext. 3679 or +63917 809 6856.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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