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Filipino dishes and Jo Koy star in the new Netflix social series Kain Tayo

By Kristelle Bechayda

After a tiring day at work, Filipinos love watching their favorite shows and eating a hearty meal. Netflix Philippines’ new social series Kain Tayo combines both elements, where each episode is set to give viewers a good laugh and a yearning for comforting local dishes.

Starring Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy, each episode features him inviting a friend over to share in his favorite Filipino dishes as they watch the latest titles on Netflix together. In between bites and funny commentaries, Jo Koy also shares how he relates with the stories through his Filipino upbringing.

In the first episode, Josep and his half-Filipina influencer friend Liane Valenzuela discuss the realities of growing up while watching the second season of Sex Education and sharing a hearty bowl of sinigang, which they both love.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of Kain Tayo by following Netflix Philippines on social media.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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