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Former Gucci and Valentino designer Alessandra Fachinetti slated to head Filipino brand Harlan + Holden

Harlan + Holden, a local clothing brand by Emmanuel Pineda of the Rustan’s clan, is now spearheaded by Alessandra Fachinetti. No small thing this is, considering Fachinetti has designed for top brands Gucci, Valentino, and Tod’s.


Alessandra Fachinetti

With headquarters now in Seoul, South Korea, and with 20 retail boutiques across Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea, Harlan + Holden has well-funded ambitions to become Asia’s next big contemporary fashion powerhouse.


Photo from Harlan + Holden 

Fachinetti shares, “I have been part of an old guard where things have been the same way for a very long time. This project is about generating value in design in a different kind of way. Our brand ethos is rooted in saving people time so they can do the things that matter.”


Photo from Harlan + Holden

Sustainability is a huge consideration for Harlan + Holden. Thus, Fachinetti’s offerings, dubbed 9bc (ninth basic collection) will be designed in a way that pieces can build on a core set of silhouettes that will evolve slowly and subtly. Aside from this, the brand will host no runway shows in order to contribute to conserving environmental resources.

For day-to-day, travel and weekend fashion, Harlan + Holden is certainly a forward way to go.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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