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Harmony at Home

By Jane Kingsu Cheng

Everyone wishes for a happy family and a peaceful abode. With the start of another year under the Lunar calendar, you might want to try these tips to help strengthen the peace at home. Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony’s Patrick Lim Fernandez grew up in the world of feng shui, with the guidance of his mother Baby Lim Fernandez and his late sister Princesse Lim Fernandez.

Most of our time is spent at home, and arguments can happen from time to time. Feng shui can help lessen conflicts, strengthen bonds, and create good vibes. Patrick shares some tried-and-tested tips, which you can easily do at home.

Patrick Lim

PEACE AND HAPPINESS Feng shui master Patrick Lim Fernandez shares a list of reminders to maintain harmonious relationships

Mend broken ties

Before the Chinese New Year starts, try to mend any broken or strained relationships you have. Actively settling misunderstandings and differences with family members (and anyone, for that matter) whom you have wronged or who have wronged you. Take the opportunity to clear the air, and talk things through. This will help to remove heavy feelings that are weighing you down, so you can have a fresh start.

Auspicious eats

During Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration and throughout the Spring Festival, which lasts until Feb. 8, 2020, it is good to partake of auspicious meals to promote good relationships. This includes melons to strengthen family unity and harmonious relationships, and shrimp or prawns to increase love and happiness at home.

Bright fresh flowers

This year of the rat, amplify harmonious relationships by placing fresh and bright-colored flowers in the Northeast part of your home, where the “Romance Star” is situated. Avoid white as it symbolizes mourning.

Display at home

Symbols will always serve as a reminder, and putting these sculptures will help keep the good energy at home. Patrick recommends these four items to help improve the harmonious state, protect the family, or keep everyone healthy.

Hippo Guards: For protection and safety


Minimizing the effects of the “Robbery Star” this year, these hippo guards are made of black quartz crystal and meticulously handcarved. Best for the people under the signs of the Ox, Tiger, Monkey, Rooster, Goat, Rabbit, and Pig.

Brass Longevity Peach: For health and luck


According to Chinese legends, this celestial peach is believed to grow in heaven’s garden. Representing the “peaches of immortality,” it ripens once every thousand years and gives immortality to those who consume it. It’s a symbol for good health & longevity.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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