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Keep your family’s connections as strong as ever

Filipinos are known for their strong family ties. For them, keeping communication lines open regardless of distance is of prime importance. Take for example the grandparents who live far from their grandchildren. They rely on visits from their children and grandkids so that they can bond as a family. Distance and travel hours can hinder loved ones from spending time together. But with a strong internet connection at home, it’s easier for families to stay in touch and become closer. Nothing beats keeping communication lines open to make your “presence” felt.

More Family Bonding Time


It’s not easy for most kids to leave their loving grandparents after a fun-filled vacation. They can extend the bonding time virtually with a strong wifi connection at home, even after their visit. When not with their grandfolks, kids can still share with them all their other activities for their Lolo and Lola to see. Reporting their school assignments, showing off their school medals, playing their favorite mobile games, talking about their most-loved TV series, movies, concerts or sporting events—common bonding time moments of families during weekends. Even sharing with their grandparents their latest discoveries like their science experiments or showing how to identify constellations and other astronomical finds.Nothing beats real and personal connections with your loved ones, but distance should not hinder families to share bonding moments. With strong wifi connections at home, it’s easier now to connect and strengthen family relationships.

Enjoy Stronger Connections at Home


So keep the strong connection at home with the PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid. Get the best value for money from the fastest family-sized home internet plans at affordable prices. They offer double data allocation, giving access to ALL your favorite apps and sites.

Whether for education or entertainment, families can now enjoy surfing the internet faster with twice the amount of data that they need. This means school kids now have more data to do their research, learn online tutorials, and gain access to valuable information that they need for their schoolwork. When it comes to entertainment, families can also enjoy longer bonding and quality time, thanks to high-speed internet. Playing online games, binge-watching of favorite movies, TV series, concerts or sporting events, cooking shows, and just about any exciting online content can make simple bonding moments more meaningful.

Enjoy stronger family connections with the PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid for only P995. Not only does it give you the best value for your money, they offer the fastest and family-sized home internet plans that give you double data allocation to access ALL your favorite apps and sites.

A prepaid internet also lets you enjoy the flexibility and convenient monitoring of data usage so that you’re not locked in to pay monthly for your internet needs. PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid comes with affordable FamLoad packages such as: FamLoad 15 with 1GB for 1 day, FamLoad 50 with 3GB for 3 days, FamLoad 199 comes with 24GB worth of data, FamLoad 599 for 80GB, FamLoad 999 for 130GB, and FamLoad 1499 for 200GB. PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid also comes with a FREE 10GB worth of data valid for seven days.

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid is powered by Smart, the country’s undisputed fastest LTE network, certified by Ookla, the leading global broadband testing site and OpenSignal, the independent mobile analytics firm. Because it is prepaid, families do not have to worry about lock-in periods, monthly bills or bill shock from uncontrolled data usage. There is no installation needed. All you need to do is plug and surf. For only P995, this plan is available at all PLDT and Smart Stores, Smart Online Store and SM Stores nationwide, at shopping site Lazada, and other authorized dealers.

Watch this heart-tugging video from PLDT Home. It’s time to make stronger connection with your family.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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