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Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso is the new face of Belo Thermage FLX


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Mayor Isko Domagoso says during his launch as the new face of Belo, echoing Irish novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. But for the Manila mayor, beauty also conforms to a particular standard, especially when one is speaking of overall health and wellness of one’s appearance. “I’m just trying to be me. Also, I’m honest enough when I said I sleep, take a bath, put on my clothes, and go to the office. I’m grateful to Dr. Vicki Belo because I was given an opportunity, in one way or another, to fix myself. If that will add to the physical appearance of a person, in this case, myself, then I’d be happy to do it again and again.”


Mayor Isko Domagoso

Even with studies showing men’s skin being less susceptible to the signs of aging compared to women, one must still utilize a good amount of skincare to help maintain healthy-looking skin. Dermatologists have said that high testosterone levels in men actually make the skin thicker by 25 percent, leading to a gradual aging process. Meanwhile, the high density of collagen deposits makes men’s skin rougher but contributes to naturally moisturized skin.

Men, however, begin to lose collagen after the age of 30.

“This is the perfect time for men to explore Thermage FLX,” Dr. Vicki Belo says, while demonstrating the effects of the procedure on the mayor. “It lasts for 35 minutes, and delivers instant lifting right away. Together with the lifting, Thermage stimulates collagen production, so over months you’ll notice the difference with tightness and firmness.”

Dr. Vicki Belo explains the benefits of the Belo Thermage FLX

Dr. Vicki Belo

During the event, Dr. Belo explained the improvements on Mayor Isko’s face after doing the Thermage FLX procedure. With shallower lines all over, eyes more open, and a pronounced jawline, Mayor Isko looks confidently healthy. Dr. Belo even pinched his skin to show there’s less to pinch now than before, highlighting Thermage FLX’s firmness promise. No wonder the valiant mayor, typically fearful of syringe needles and possible comments about cosmetic procedures, ended up as an enthusiastic endorser who openly encouraged busy men like him to try the Belo Thermage FLX.

“Gravity will win as you age,” he says. “I can honestly say to my colleagues and to my age bracket, it’s time. It’s time to take this procedure. This is for us. I didn’t want to fix everything. I just want a refreshed look, and I got what I wanted. I feel good about it. I don’t want all those lines to disappear because I earned those lines.”


Now in his prime, Mayor Isko believes life does begin in your 40s. “I have more challenges now because of the position,” he admits. “I have more than 1.8 million people who are expecting me to govern and do public service. My life is really more active nowadays. Having regular me-time becomes so vital.”

Whether it’s through spending quiet time by sipping a cup of coffee, or pampering oneself with skin and body treatments, men can do things to feel naturally energized and refreshed. “I do coffee by myself,” he says. “Sometimes you have to sit back and take a break. You will have a naturally different perspective afterward because there’s no pollution or noise. My normal sleep is three to five hours. More than that, I consider it luxury. I’m trying to catch up on lost opportunity and lost time for the city of Manila and its people, compared to the growth we are having with our neighboring cities.”

Gravity will win as you age. I can honestly say to my colleagues and to those in my age bracket, it’s time. It’s time to take this procedure. This is for us.

Always on the go, Mayor Isko has always considered doing partnerships with brands that showcase worldclass Filipino talent. He also wants to promote the Philippines as a globally competitive marketplace, with Belo leading the way for the cosmetic and skincare industries. The Belo Medical Group has been pioneering beauty innovations for over 30 years now. Indeed, this partnership between Mayor Isko and Belo has been wonderful to see come true.


“I always wanted to get a male endorser to expand the market beyond our three decades, but it’s hard to find endorsers whom men can really relate to,” Dr. Belo says. “This partnership we have with Mayor Isko is perfect. Of course, never in my wildest dreams that I think I could get him but we did. Mayor Isko is someone who, if he likes a product, and you’re willing to donate straight to a cause he’s supporting, he’ll do it. At that time, Mayor Isko was supporting Philippine General Hospital (PGH) so it was perfect because I’m a doctor who hailed from that institution. Aside from that, he also would like to donate to the city of Cotabato. When we were thinking of what to do, and how do we do this, we came up with ‘promise delivered,’ because that’s what he is,” Dr. Belo says. “If he promises something, he will deliver. It’s the same way with our medical group. We have been delivering on our promises on all fronts, whether in the beautification process or in our charitable causes.”


When asked about his experience undergoing the treatment, Mayor Isko says, “She promised there’s no injection. She promised it will be a quick procedure, and she promised I will see immediate results. She promised and she delivered. So that’s why it’s sort of saying, it’s a promise delivered to a client like me who’s very busy. I feel good about myself, and I want you to feel good about yourself also.”

“I haven’t met many public servants, but this man really loves our country so much, and he really wants to uplift,” Dr. Belo says. “It’s an eyeopener. I really hope that this continues because when you get to know him, and you sit down with him, you feel the love for country and the desire to serve other people. Some are gifted with a heart for service, and he’s one of them.”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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