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Men’s Grooming 101



We don’t give you enough credit for it, but yes, we know men do care about proper grooming! And that’s what recent market studies show, too. The male grooming industry is showing a steady increase in sales and market share for various categories— skin, anti-aging, and hair products. With an estimated $26 billion business this year, it’s perfect timing to be on the lookout for innovative and efficient products in the coming months.

This year promises new products and in-store experiences for you. Whether Millennial, metrosexual, high-maintenance, newbie, or too-busy-to-be-bothered, there’s something for everybody. Brands and establishments may be late in the game (men like to be pampered too!), but in-store services, online shopping experiences, and man-cave inspired salons and barber shops are changing that. While you wait for further developments and new offerings, here’s a starter kit to help you stay on track with your “new you” resolutions.

Multi-use products

Men like to keep it simple and brands are honoring this demand through multipurpose, multi-tasking products. Lucky you, this will be especially evident in Asia and North America. Aside from the usual cleanser-and-after-shave combos, more skin-specific products will be out in the market.


If you have sensitive, atopic, or inflamed skin, a steroid-free formula is now available. Bepanthen, maker of the Itch-Relief cream (P480), has Sensidaily Moisturizer (P750). This calming lotion made with prebiotics is proven to prevent flare-ups for up to three months. Ceramides, vitamin B3, and glycerin stabilize skin and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.


Shampoos, body wash, and general cleansers will aim to be more natural and sustainable. Soap and beauty bars/sticks will become commonplace as the industry moves away from single-use plastics. Try Lush soap bars or this Dirty Springwash Shower Gel for Body and Hair (P475) for traveling and for the gym.

Bepanthen is available at leading drugstores | Lush is located at Shangri-la Plaza Mall | Instagram: @lushcosmeticsph |


Colognes and after-shaves will continue to be patterned to classically masculine and more gender-fluid tastes. Many gender-neutral scents now blur the lines between pour home and pour femme, mixing both delicate feminine notes, with boldly masculine notes, and why not? Men and women need variety for unique perfume preferences: for fresh and clean, sexy, day or evening scent, and even seasonal signature scents.


If you want to stick to a more classic, masculine fragrance that isn’t overpowering, K by Dolce & Gabbana (P4,550/50 ml; P6250/100ml) is a good bottle to add to your collection. The dry-down lingers well on skin, thanks to the seductive warm cedar wood and earthy vetiver (beguiling for men and women alike!). Crisp, with sublime citrus combined with fiery aromatics, it’s that magnetic scent your beau or partner would love to smell on you. The flacon with its 24-carat gold overlay is fit for the modern-day “king” (right, Prince Harry?!).

Available at Rustan’s |


Hair care products will be big this year, with products aimed at caring and conditioning both your mane and stache. Product ideations now revolve around highly effective, multi-tasking lines that do the work fast, yet straightforward. Bespoke shaving creams, gels, beard oils, and the like are now readily available in department stores, with specialty salons and barbers making their own in-house concoctions.



Grüum, is an all-inclusive skincare brand that claims to be simple, honest (90 percent naturally derived ingredients, no chemical nasties), and fair (same affordable prices for both men and women). Free of paraben, SLS, and sulphate, these dermatologist-tested prods deliver beauty and functionality. Aside from its two-in-one skin tonic and exfoliating wash, the Scandinavian-inspired brand is famous for its beard care arsenal. Maintaining your beard is a breeze with the selection.


Keep your facial fuzz clean with Bård Beard Wash (P550), which prevents dryness and irritation. The Leif Beard Oil (P595), on the other hand, has smoothness and softens hair (facial hair is thicker and more coarse if you haven’t noticed), infusing it with argan oil. To manage and style it, Tor Beard Wax (P595) gives light and pliable hold. All these go beyond caring for the fuzz, as it nourishes the skin underneath it too.

Available at Beauty Bar | Instagram:@beautybarph, @ssilife |

Pore purifiers

Just when you thought you’ve had enough breakouts in your younger years, adult acne sneaks up on you. Lasers like Aerolase and Acne Zapp can now prevent pimples from growing on the same vulnerable spots. These treat acne and prevent future breakouts by penetrating deep into pores, purifying them at the source once and for all.


For first aid/emergency at-home remedies, anti-acne lotions and spot treatments have become popular products. If a pimple pops up before an important event (job interview, party, photo shoot, or heaven forbid, a date), wash face thoroughly and apply Celeteque Spot Corrector Gel (starts at P169). It dries and reduces inflammation overnight through BHA (beta hydroxy acid) and Lilac Leaf Cell culture extract.

Available at drugstores and supermarkets | Facebook:életequedermo | Instagram @celetequedermo

Makeup for Men

Makeup is part of grooming, especially for parties and photo shoots. This year promises to bring focus to more “man makeup” with semi-matte, second-skin finishes. Not to be outdone by the girls tinting and microblading away, boys are also demanding better brows! Men want their brows fixed, whether bushy or sparse.


As the go-to, gender-free luxury makeup (who didn’t love the “Boys and Girls” lipstick line?!), Tom Ford Beauty provides formulations that give silky, sexy skin in an instant.


To even out skin, use Tom Ford Emotion-proof Concealer (R2,820), a transfer-proof, water-proof, and camera-ready concealer for hiding circles and imperfections. This full-coverage base can cover tattoos too. The Tom Ford Traceless Foundation (P4,450) is a buildable, medium-to-full coverage makeup that sculpts and creates a poreless canvas. To avoid looking pasty and pale, warm up skin with their bronzer.

After having your arches shaped by a professional, you can use Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel (P2,520) to tame, tint, define, and set. The fiber-filled formula fills in sparse brows to enhance and balance texture and color.

Tom Ford is available at Adora Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, SM Makati | Facebook: tomfordbeauty/ | Instagram: @tomfordbeauty

Source: Manila Bulletin

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