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One Click Straight Talks About Their New All-Tagalog EP


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While their website describes them as an “alternative rock band from Parañaque,” it would be hard to give One Click Straight (OCS) a simple label. We aren’t disputing the fact that these three brothers and their childhood friend are from Parañaque. Even in my best attempts, however, to say they have an alternative-power-pop-rock-synth flavor means nothing without giving them a listen. And they are worth the listen.

The quartet released their first all-Tagalog EP, Harana Coma, under Offshore Music Philippines on Jan. 24, with a collection of five songs, including the previously released single “Manila.”

Since their founding more than a decade ago while in high school playing covers during jam sessions, they have gone through a journey of discovery and growth, in terms of what they have played, where they have played, what they have accomplished, and who they are artistically. Their newest release is, in a way, an apt end to their beginning as they truly come into their own.

We had a quick e-chat with Tim Marquez on drums,Toffer Marquez on vocals and bass,Sam Marquez on guitar and vocals, and Joel Cartera also on guitar and vocals, just right before the release on the EP.

How did OCS decide to release an all-Tagalog EP?

Tim: We’ve always wanted to write in Tagalog, but I think we just never had the courage to do so. After our debut album, The Midnight Emotion, we still had a bit of juice left in us. We ended up writing Manila and there was this fulfilling feeling. We just wanted to see how far we could go with it. That led us to writing all five songs [of the EP]. We’ve always wanted to challenge ourselves and to grow as a band. It just felt right to do something like this.

Toffer: I wanted to challenge myself to sing in Tagalog, so when the opportunity came, why not?

Sam: We wanted to explore our horizons in songwriting.

Joel: We have been doing English songs and we thought we wanted to step out of our comfort zone. We wanted to challenge ourselves in our songwriting.

OCS Harana Coma EP Artwork

What was the general writing process for Harana Coma?

Tim: Each song was different. We were trying to find that rhythm or flow of creativity. Some songs really just fell into place, like with Paraiso and Sabay, both of which were written in a day. Some, like Manila and Bitaw, took way longer, with a lot of trial and error, especially lyrically. But with all of them, we really did what felt natural and tried not to overthink it.

OCS - Harana Coma

Is there anything you would like people to know before they listen to Harana Coma?

Tim: Harana Coma is about love in all its forms. It talks about love for people, love for home, and love for self.

Toffer: We put all our heart in this EP. So, if you listen closely, you’ll hear our emotions on each song.

Sam: This is the finest Filipino pop EP they are ever going to hear (laughs).

Joel: Working on this EP was fun. We discovered another musical side of us. We hope you guys enjoy each and every track.

The EP Harana Coma is out now, you can stream it on Spotify below.


The EP is out now. OCS will be performing Harana Coma live for the first time on Feb. 15 at Route 196 in Katipunan, with additional performances by Nathan & Mercury, Oh, Flamingo!, Ysangyo, and St. Wolf.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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