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Readers’ Photo Corner

By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Upside Down Playtime @ Baseco Beach (Mark Lyndon Aguila)

    Upside Down Playtime @ Baseco Beach (Mark Lyndon Aguila)

  • Untitled (Miguel On Onod)

    Untitled (Miguel On Onod)

  • Untitled (Eduard Yaco)

    Untitled (Eduard Yaco)

  • The Caller (Bien Bacarra)

    The Caller (Bien Bacarra)

  • Tawid (Joemar Mampusti)

    Tawid (Joemar Mampusti)

  • Stormy Pre Wedding (Wendel Samodio)

    Stormy Pre Wedding (Wendel Samodio)

  • Solitude (Rowell B. Timoteo)

    Solitude (Rowell B. Timoteo)

  • Lady Santa (Gerbs De Castro)

    Lady Santa (Gerbs De Castro)

  • Dead Mother, Dead All (Carl Michael D. Floranza)

    Dead Mother, Dead All (Carl Michael D. Floranza)

  • A Faith's Light (Lorecel Celso)

    A Faith's Light (Lorecel Celso)

    Bien Bacarra Jr., OSPI- photographer, shares his photo titled “The Caller.” “After noticing the bright and colored background, I didn’t hesitate to wait for an unusual and solo subject for a silhouette shot,” writes Bien. “At last, there was this man in a hurry while talking on his mobile phone. Click! Nailed it!”

    From Carl Michael D. Floranza, a G12 ABM student of Laguna State Polytechnic University- San Pablo City Campus is the photo of children playing with the unusual title, “Dead Mother, Dead All.” Carl explains: “Yung caption ay isa sa mga rules and regulations ng laro na nilalaro nn mga bata which is 10-20 gamit ang garter. May magsisilbing ‘mother’  na tatayong leader or bubuhay dun sa kakampi nya. Pero once na namatay or nataya ang ‘mother,’ sila ay taya. Sabi ng mga bata yun ang kadalasan nilang rules kapag sila ay naglalaro ng 10-20, Chinese Garter at Limbo Rock.”

    Eduard Yaco sent in an untitled seascape sunset photo with the silhouette of a lone man paddling a banca. He shares that tha photo was taken five years ago in Balete, Batangas. “We were doing a photowalk that time in which chasing the sunset was our main goal to capture. I remembered I was waiting for an hour for the fisherman to pass by in the center of the island. Luckily, the sun was about to set and it hid behind the clouds. I knew this was the right moment to click my shutter. I was lucky because I got the result that I wanted – the composition, the tones and the bonus sun rays that gave a more dramatic effect to the image.”

    “Lady Santa” comes from Gerbs De Castro. He took the photo at the Casa Santa Museum in Antipolo, Rizal.

    Joemar Mampusti contributed the photo of a group of Mangyans crossing the Rosacara river in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro titled “Tawid.”   He writes: “Took this photo when I was exploring the place last July. I talked to one of them and I learned that they just finished collecting coconut, oil and taro leaves from the town proper.”

    Lorecel Celso submitted the photo, “A Faith’s Light.” She writes:” His name’s Angelo. He’s one of those kids who usually hang out around the church’s grounds. To Angelo, life is as simple as he lets me take a photo of him, I let him see through my camera and then we’re instantly close friends. Child’s innocence makes everything light and easy. You close your eyes, you pray, you believe and then wait for God’s blessings. That day, he was a blessing to me; an unexpected instant friend. This photo was taken around past seven in the evening and there was a deep story to it. A simple side trip from my usual office-home route to practice some night photography had me realize that there’s more to the world and only a simple pause can make us appreciate a wonderful simplicity.”

    Mark Lyndon Aguila, a freelancer and Manila street photographer shares the photo “Upside Down Playtime @ Baseco Beach.” “I usually go around the streets of Manila, joining with my friends who are also into photography,” writes Mark. “We learn from the everyday living in every community that we walk through. There were many untold stories from ordinary people and we can get inspiration from them. And what’s more is we learn from each other and also build friendships.”

    From Miguel On-onod is an untitled photo of the Stobosa Colorful Houses located in La Trinidad, Benguet. “The artwork was commissioned as part of the Rev-Bloom Urban Redevelopment Tourism Campaign, a project conceptualized by the Department of Tourism – CAR,” he shares.

    The photo of a church interior titled “Solitude” comes from Rowell B. Timoteo. His photo description reads: “Our fast-paced lifestyle brings about doubts, anxiety, and overthinking. Many of us would seek peace. St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, wherein Our Lady of Namacpacan is enshrined, is a place to meditate and be in communion with our Creator. This church is a must-visit in the heart of Luna, La Union.”

    And from Wendel Samodio is “Stormy Pre-wedding.” He took the prenup photo on a hanging bridge in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan.

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    Source: Manila Bulletin

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