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In celebration of International Day of Education last Friday, Jan. 24, we are highlighting young Filipinos who are disrupting the local education sector. Henry Motte-Muñoz is the CEO and founder of, the leading education technology platform in the country.

“Building on experience in connecting the youth to schools and scholarships, we saw an opportunity to elevate our brand and our platform – to engage students even further, to address their needs, to communicate that the future doesn’t have to be scary and planning for it can be cool (original italics).”

When Henry Motte-Muñoz founded, he had a bold idea of what it could become. Beyond the comprehensive database of local and international higher education institutions, much needed in the country, there was potential to create an all encompassing empowerment platform for the youth.

The country currently has the largest generation of young people in its history, with 30 million young people between the ages 10 to 24, accounting for 28 percent of the nation’s population. With roughly 2 million young people turning 18 every year, the majority are left between higher education and employment. Motte-Muñoz began because he saw a lack of information that would allow students to make informed decisions about colleges and careers.

Edukasyon - _Screenshot of the platform, the top Gen Z education website in the country_

The last time we had talked for a profile more than half a year ago, Motte-Muñoz stressed that, “While the first step is about finding information, that should always feed into finding yourself, that is essentially our mission.”

Over the years, has become the leading education technology platform in the country, and continues to innovate what they can offer the end user. Their website has 1.2 million unique monthly visitors, and reaches 10 million youths each year. They are engaged by government agencies and private schools who are interested in learning to hear what the youth have to say.

Most recently, went through some re-branding with a newly re-launched website that offers a fresh look and updated information online, while also expanding the offline, on campus skills training and programs with global partners such as Amazon and ASUS.

And there is only more to come. recently secured Series A funding, enabling them to build and develop a better, more engaging experience for registered users.

Screenshot 2

“In 2020, we are focused on improving our platform experience, creating features to help each registered student explore paths and make education and career decisions that are best suited to them. Based on their identified course interests, desired career paths or personal advocacies, we will be able to link them to more targeted opportunities: school, scholarship and internship applications, top professional role models and industry-leading employers.”

For his work, Motte-Muñoz was recently awarded Young Leader of the Year from the Asia CEO Awards, and Startup and Innovation Driven Entrepreneur from the ASEAN Business Awards. engages more than 10 million Filipino Gen Z youth each year, enabling students to access senior high, colleges and universities, scholarships, and other learning resources. They invite all senior high students (SHS) to register on their platform by going on to their website.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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