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Compiled by JOHN LEGASPI

“I think Filipinos started to become interested in feng shui when it first became a part of the larger consciousness or zeitgeist,” says feng shui master Patrick Rey Lim Fernandez to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I think Filipinos are naturally superstitious, and that’s what initially drew them to feng shui. It is something that seems like magic because they don’t understand it. As people learn more about it, it becomes less of a superstition, more like a science.”

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a way of harmonizing one’s environment into an auspicious setup. Literally translating in English as “wind water,” feng shui uses the five Chinese elements of earth, wind, water, wood, fire, and metal, in holistically predicting one’s career, relationship, and wellbeing.

For this year, the Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Metal Rat. “This Year of the Rat, 2020, is pretty exciting. This is the start of the new decade, and for the Chinese, it coincides with the start of the new 12-year cycle,” says Patrick. “What does this mean for us? This means a period of new beginnings. There’s a lot of fresh energy, optimism, and excitement. That’s something we can capitalize on. It’s something that we can draw from. It can inspire us to do new things.”

The Lunar New Year is the perfect time to celebrate old traditions, new beginnings, and mend broken bonds. Let’s welcome the new year by starting with ourselves, donning lucky colors, gilded charms, scents, and mouse insignias in celebration of the Golden Rat.

Swarovski Attraction trilogy round pedant

Swarovski Attraction trilogy round pedant, ₱6,650

Bench Beauty matte lipstick, Oh Glow

Bench Beauty Oh Glow matte lipstick, ₱279

DisneyXGucci Tote Bag - Php 111,500

Disney x Gucci tote bag, ₱111,500

Dunhill Desire Red eau de toilette

Dunhill Desire Red eau de toilette, ₱4,360

Keds’ Year of the Rat Sneakers 2

Keds Year of the Rat sneakers, ₱3,975

Mango pocket linen shorts

Mango pocket linen shorts, ₱2,295

Michael Kors Cece bag

Michael Kors Cece bag, price upon request

RAF upper skirt

R.A.F. upper skirt, ₱2,398

SM Woman Prima Ladies’ High-Polished Neck Accessory Dress in Red

SM Woman Prima Ladies’ dress in red, ₱1,500

SM Youth CNY tees 3

SM Youth CNY tees, ₱399.80

Tiffany & Co. Gold Drgaon Pendant, price upon request

Tiffany & Co. Gold Dragon Pendant, price upon request

Armtron Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Bracelet Watch with Matte Gold Dial and Red Aluminum Accents, price upon request

Armtron gold-tone stainless steel analog bracelet watch with matte gold dial and red aluminum accent, price upon request

Bench floral front tie top, P899.75

Bench floral front tie top, P899.75

Criselda Lontok, Korina collared brocade jacket, P 3,950

Criselda Lontok, Korina collared brocade jacket, P 3,950

Guess Analise satchel, P 6,298

Guess Analise satchel, ₱6,298

H&M long printed hooded top, P1,290

H&M long printed hooded top, P1,290

Hermes dragon flash losange

Hermes Dragon Flash Losange, price upon request

Nordstrom Zebuds Original wireless earbuds, P 2,744.60

Nordstrom Zebuds Original wireless earbuds, ₱2,744.60

Penshoppe bomber jacket, P1,099

Penshoppe bomber jacket, ₱1,099

Salvatore Mann brogue in deep red, price available upon request

Salvatore Mann deep red brogue laceups, price available upon request



Source: Manila Bulletin

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