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JOHN LEGASPI, Fashion and Beauty (in a barong by Albert Andrada)

The year calls for fashion stories that focus on time and history. From the comeback of the butterfly sleeves to TernoCon and vintage pieces, people will find (and afford) thrift shops at this year’s MET Gala under the theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration” and various sustainable movements done by other brands. Readers will gravitate more toward stories that will put content and conscience to what they are wearing.



PAOLA NAVARETTE, Wellbeing (in a black dress and beaded panuelo by Rafael Gonzales)

The use of robots in healthcare is a growing trend that seems to have gained momentum in recent years. From the first robotic surgical assistant more than a decade ago to new research today, the use of robotics in healthcare is advancing rapidly. This year, we can expect to see significant progress when it comes to advances in smart sensors or sensors with built-in artificial intelligence, reducing the need for information to be sent to the centralized servers for processing, before it can be acted on.



KRISTOFER PURNELL, Arts and Culture (in a bomberong by Jor-El Espina)

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but Filipinos need not look far for such when writing a good story. Films such as John Denver Trending and Dead Kids originated from viral stories about students while school plays like Alpha Kappa Omega and Dolorosa dove into the country’s history to center on moments that continue to strike audiences. Filipino artists—painters, writers, filmmakers, playwrights, singers—always do their best when their works reflect a particular story about Philippine society. 2020 opens up a lot of opportunities to tell these kwentong bayan, and how they’ll be told will have us on the edge of our seats.



JESSICA PAG-IWAYAN, Life and Relationships (in a dress by Light White Shine and butterfly sleeves by Albert Andrada)

2019 was a significant year for the local LGBTQI+ community. It made history with the first transwoman Presidential appointee, and the first transwoman flight attendants being accepted into the local airline industry. As we welcome a new decade, I expect that the years of fighting for equality and acceptance will bear more fruit, and that more and more members of the LGBTQI+ community will be given equal opportunities to make global contributions.



ANGELA CASCO, Home and Design (in a woven terno top and pants by Avel Bacudio)

More designs and structures that take inspiration from one’s own roots and stay true to changing needs will emerge this new year and decade. More Filipino designers and architects will showcase the country’s rich culture, identity, and resources through their work, all while being sustainable and practical. As part of the Millennials’ socalled “workspace revolution,” more flexible workspaces will also rise as more startups, freelancers, and even big businesses will start and continue to acknowledge the benefits of such work setting.



JULES VIVAS, Youth (in a bomberong by Jor-El Espina)

As more and more people turn to new media, 2019 had been a year of self-expression, especially in matters social and political. We’ve realized the power of our own voice, urging many of us to be more open about our own opinions and stories to the world. The concept of “consumers as the storytellers” will persist throughout the new decade, with famous publications and media outlets releasing online materials contributed by readers.



KRISTELLE BECHAYDA, Food (in a woven terno top and pants by Avel Bacudio)

Sustainability became a hot topic among several industries last year when well-known brands started introducing products made from recycled materials. Restaurants, fast food chains, and grocery stores are no exception. These establishments have also joined the movement by lessening or completely foregoing the use of straws, plastics, and disposable containers or utensils in their premises. This practice is expected to grow this 2020 as more will follow this approach. The same can be said to consumers, who will become more conscious with the waste they produce.



VIANCA GAMBOA, Travel (in a woven terno top and pants by Avel Bacudio)

To sound more practical, mapping out budget itineraries and visa application procedures for the spoon-fed generation should really be a travel-related content producer’s main concern now, but I want to see Travel “explore” this 2020. We need to tell stories driven by everything we can exploit or contextualize—slasher movie settings, an author’s refuge, celebrity getaways, conspiracy theories, Cubao Midnight Express, haunted retreat houses, places where you can reenact scenes from a Wes Anderson film, the hype behind Choi Hung Estate, Tokyo and Sofia Coppola, a politician’s speech on sustainability, Creepypastas, or even a road trip designed around the latest in Europop. If these trips were guide by a graduated 4chan user or a remote islander, so be it.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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