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A Golden Celebration


Good fortune was felt in the grand ballroom of New World Makati Hotel as Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony led the hotel’s ceremony in welcoming the Year of the Golden Rat. Hotel guests, families, and friends gathered to experience the traditional way of celebrating Chinese New Year, from festive dance and wishing ceremonies to sharing a banquet of auspicious meals attracting good spirits and prosperity for the coming year.


Baby Lim Fernandez and Patrick Lim Fernandez leading the Can Pai Wishing Ceremony

“This Year of the Rat, 2020, is pretty exciting. This is the start of the new decade, and for the Chinese, it coincides with the start of the new 12-year cycle,” said feng shui master Patrick Lim Fernandez. “What does this mean for us? This means a period of new beginnings. There’s a lot of fresh energy, optimism, and excitement. That’s something we can capitalize on. It’s something we can draw on, something that can inspire us to do new things.”


The Traditional Lion and Dragon Dance


Patrick Lim Fernandez, Pat P Daza, Baby Lim Fernandez, and Oliver Tolentino

Moments before the new year, Patrick, together with his mother, Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony proprietor Baby Lim Fernandez, led everyone to a Chan Pai Wishing Ceremony. Noted personalities such The Manila Bulletin columnist Jullie Yap Daza, Pat Daza, Rustan’s Commercial Corp. VP for store planning Michael Huang, and Beverly Hill’s red carpet couturier Oliver Tolentino were invited for the eye-dotting ceremony of the Lion and the Dragon, initiating their dance of luck. To the Chinese beat, guests raised their hands to touch the colorful creatures for good fortune. The banging of the gong and the fireworks signaled the start of the Year of the Golden Rat.

As 2020 marks a year of new beginnings and fresh starts, we are establishing the Yin and Yang Princesse Foundation in loving memory of Princesse Lim Fernandez.

The night’s table also centered on ancient Chinese culture, a true representation of oriental lauriat dishes. The feast started with a Yu Sheng-tossing ceremony, during which everyone tossed the contents of the salad as high as possible seven times for luck. The Yu Sheng salad is made up of ingredients that symbolize good fortune—raw salmon fish symbolizing birth and abundance, carrots for good luck, lettuce for fortune, red ginger pickles for maintaining good health, melon for lasting family unity, and cinnamon and white pepper for financial blessings. After the prosperity toss, the suckling pig was served, followed by seafood dishes like the wok-fried scallops and steamed garoupa signifying growth and prosperity, hot mango prawns salad for happiness, braised pork knuckle for strength, and braised e-fu noodles for long life. Ending the feast on a sweet note was a plate of pan-fried tikoy for good, stricky relationships.


Hong Kong style crispy suckling pig


Guest sharing Yu Sheng salad


Princesse Lim Fernandez

To cap the night, the establishment of the Yin and Yang Princesse Foundation in honor of the late Princesse Lim Fernandez, Manila’s most trusted geomancer, was announced. “As 2020 marks a year of new beginnings and fresh starts, we are establishing the Yin and Yang Princesse Foundation in loving memory of Princesse Lim Fernandez,” said Patrick. “The causes that this foundation will aim to help are those that Princesse felt most passionate about, including education and youth development. By doing this, we are hoping to further expand on Princesse’s legacy and to contribute toward a culture of generosity.”

Those interested in donating may call the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony at the New World Makati Hotel (+632 7752 5882 / +632 8811 6888 extension 3066) or email yinandyangshopofharmony@

Source: Manila Bulletin

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