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Connect, BTS

British sculptor Antony Gormley revealed his large, nest-like aluminum installation called New York Clearing, the final portion of South Korean pop band BTS’ global public art project “Connect, BTS,” in Brooklyn’s Bridge Park.

“It’s a bit rainy… But at the same time, these curves of metal catch whatever available light there is,” says Gormley, who encourages people to explore the work rather than just look, unlike most sculptures which are strictly off-limits. “This is an invitation. It’s just a way of making a kind of, what is it, somewhere between a nest and a trap that reacts to the conditions, both human and atmospheric.”

“Connect, BTS” spans across four other cities: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and the band’s native city Seoul. New York Clearing will be on display until March 27. “This is our final chapter and culmination of ‘Connect, BTS’ project,” says Connect, BTS artistic director Daehyung Lee. “But I wish this is the beginning of our collective initiative to awaken our forgotten sensorium, to value diversity, to understand from people around the world.” REUTERS

Source: Manila Bulletin

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