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Drink your love troubles away with Brotzeit’s no hangover beer

By Shennah Romanillos | Images by Noel B. Pabalate

Did you get your heart broken recently? Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day alone? You may be alone, but you won’t feel lonely surrounded by the food and drinks at Brotzeit, especially the drinks. You can only eat so much, but it’s harder to shy away from drinking more liquid courage. Alcohol is known for its sedative qualities, those qualities that calm the nerves. That’s why people become more confident and less anxious after a drink or two. People also drink in times of woe, seeking refuge in a glass, a golden ticket to temporary escape. At least you don’t have to worry about the morning after. The premium beers at Brotzeit do not give any hangovers at all!

While the restaurant initially catered to German expatriates longing for a taste of home, Brotzeit’s menu eventually found its way to the hearts of foreigners, including non-Germans, and locals alike. It has some of the best German specialties in the Philippines, and we’re talking more than pretzels, but it also serves Filipino favorites given a German twist. The space is cozy, with an ambiance that is free from the noise of the bustling city. It’s a great place to have a chat or to hear your own thoughts.

Chef Ivan MamintaChef Ivan Maminta

Recently, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle got to sit down with the brand’s culinary director, chef Ivan Maminta. He told us about the history of Brotzeit, and the variety of hearty German dishes on offer. The authentic list includes the bestsellers, the selection of signature sausages. These are served with potato salad and crunchy sauerkraut or pickled cabbages. There’s also the pizza. It is rectangular in shape like a flatbread, with a crisp, thin crust that highlights the toppings’ flavors more.

A familiar treat for Filipinos would be the pork knuckles. It is crispy on the outside, yet fork-tender on the inside. This dish has been marinated, giving the meat extra flavor. It is also oven-roasted, making it a healthier choice compared to the local crispy pata.

_MG_5196Pork knuckles

_MG_5141Sausage platter

Chef Ivan fondly shared how first-time Filipino customers would ask for a serving of soy sauce and calamansi when ordering this dish, only to regret it later after realizing that the familiar condiments don’t complement it. Pork knuckles are served in their own juices. If you need fiber, there is a selection of salads, you know, for “balance.” Apart from the hearty staples, Brotzeit also offers seasonal menus to celebrate the year’s occasions.

The toast of the town is the restaurant’s wide variety of alcoholic beverages that are available all day. Brotzeit takes great pride in its premium beers, which taste a little sweeter compared to the bitter beers Filipinos are familiar with. The real magic though lies in the fact the imported beverages do not give hangovers, courtesy of the fresh spring water as an ingredient.

“The taste is different. It’s cold. It’s crisp. It really coats the entire mouth, and you feel it. You don’t get drunk quickly, because you savor the beer. You don’t just chug it, and that’s it. You really savor it like a fine glass of wine,’’ said Chef Ivan.

Brotzeit offers almost all kinds of drinks—mocktails, cocktails, wine, spirits, schnapps, juice, coffee, tea, and of course, beer. The most popular, both with Germans and locals, are the lagers and Weisse beer. Lagers are golden amber in color and taste pretty sweet. Dunkel Lager is a darker variety, and the hops are roasted longer, leaving a nice, taste of caramel in the mouth. Weisse beer is a wheat beer, which is thicker and heavier.

_MG_5239The fresh spring water ingredient in the imported beers is what keeps hangovers at bay

Those who are not into beer should also try the Long Drink, which is infused with lemon juice, beer, and other sweet-tasting ingredients. It is a favorite among customers who don’t like the taste of alcohol.

Your party of one is still a party, after all. Celebrate your independence and your solitude. Make that reservation, get dressed, ask the waiter or waitress to keep refilling your water so you stay hydrated. Start slow then switch to something you enjoy and can savor, but remember to always raise your glass in your honor.

Brotzeit is located at 112 G/F Streetscape Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong, 1550 | | Facebook: @brotzeitph

Source: Manila Bulletin

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