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Feed and nourish your love life with edible flowers

Featured image- edible flowers

By Monica Araneta Tiosejo

Flowers are great, but can you eat them? Yes, you can! Give your significant other a bouquet of edible flowers—a beautiful, delicious, and practical Valentine’s gift, designed to make her or his love for you blossom.

Be sure that the flowers have not been sprayed with chemicals, even pesticides. If you didn’t grow them yourself, make sure the flowers are from the produce section or online shops that have specifically grown them for eating. Clean the flowers by washing them in a bowl of cold water. Let them air-dry on some paper towels. Use immediately.


Did you know carnation petals are used to make a liqueur called chartreuse? The petals are sweet so they are usually used for desserts like cakes and candies.


These taste like lettuce, so you can swap the green stuff, and put them in salads. They also make lovely containers for spreads.


Often encountered as tea or juice, you can use the cranberry-tasting flower sparingly in salads or as a garnish. Since Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, drop some into flutes of champagne.


Their pungent but distinct sour citrus taste make them great additions as zest for tang.


If you close your eyes, roses share similar notes with strawberries. All roses are edible so just experiment, and treat them as you would berries. Just be sure to remove the bitter white portion of the petals.

Zucchini blossom

A favorite of many, especially when stuffed with goat cheese or spread on pizza.


The perfume of lavender goes well with drinks and desserts. Start the meal with a lavender aperitif and end it on a sweet note by sprinkling some petals on chocolate cake.


Their grassy, minty flavor is wonderful on hors d’oeuvres like cream cheese and crackers.

Sage flowers

The sweetness and savoriness of sage flowers pair well with lemon. If it’s warm, cool off with a refreshing sage popsicle.


Another one that’s fantastic in salads and drinks. Violets become even more beautiful, if you can imagine, as crystallized candy used to top desserts.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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