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Home Sweet Home: 7 romantic—and practical—items for your loved one’s space

By Angela Casco

‘Tis the season to be romantic, and Valentine’s Day calls for sweeter-than-usual gestures.

While chocolates and flowers are nice gift ideas, it’s probably time to be a little more creative—and in response to the times, practical—with presents. It is one way to make the thought truly count.

Make your loved one feel special with practical gifts that can bring that touch of “romance” in his or her space.

Metier Home’s Multicolored Nordic Vases


If you plan to give a loved one flowers, might as well add a vase or two. These minimal yet artsy vases, for instance, not only hold the flowers, they become instant design pieces for any blank space.

(Where to buy:

Harper and Harlow’s Nola Serving Bowls and Salad Plates


Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, why not go for floral plates? Not only are these serving bowls and salad plates as pretty as your Dangwa finds, these are also perfect for future romantic brunches at home.

(Where to buy: or in stores at Lily Discovery Primea and Lanai Makati)

Our Home’s The Lille Chair


Your gorgeous partner deserves an equally stunning chair at home, like this red velvet chair. It speaks of comfort and glamour in one statement piece.

(Where to buy: Select SM malls)

SM Home’s 5-in-1 Multi-Function Cake Server


Be even sweeter than all the chocolates and cupcakes you’ll ever give to a loved one through this cake server, which can be used for displaying a dedication cake or heart-shaped donuts you’ll gift this Valentine’s Day and those after it.

(Where to buy: in stores or at

Mandaue Foam’s Adley Coffee Table


If your partner happens to live in a condo where space comes at a premium, this table that’s cute in size but large in
storage space is the most useful gift you can ever give. It’s perfect for early morning coffee or late-night snacking
while chilling or watching movies.

(Where to buy: in stores or at

Tera MNL’s Fuego Air Plant on a Small Wooden Stand


Show how much you care for your special someone by giving them an indoor plant. The Fuego Air Plant, like other
plants meant to grow inside the house, has been proven to help improve air quality, as well as reducing stress levels.

(Where to buy: @tera_mnl)

Vintage Accent’s Goblet and Mug


For all the wine and beer nights you’ll spend with your special someone, gifting a go-to goblet and mug to use would be like gifting convenience. Those from Vintage Accent are one-of-a-kind pieces, too, making it even more special as
Valentine’s presents.

(Where to buy: @vintageaccentph)

Source: Manila Bulletin

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