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How to keep heart healthy this Valentine’s Day


 The heart is one of the most powerful symbols associated with Valentine’s Day, but excessive celebration of romantic love with your special someone on this day may in fact be bad for your heart. Valentine’s Day usually means chocolates, candy, other sweet things, and a heavy dinner in a plush restaurant—things that are bad for your health and your heart in particular.

You can significantly add inches to your waistline and make your lipid levels go berserk on this big day.

But by keeping your heart in mind, you can actually turn your Valentine’s Day celebration into a healthy experience. Here’s how:

 Give the gift of health

Gift your special someone something other than chocolates and sweets. A bouquet of flowers such as red roses will be great. But if you must give sweets, remember that a number of sugar-free candies and chocolate brands are available in the market. Other worthy gift substitutes would be membership in health clubs, a gift certificate to a spa, or just a simple card with a dedication that comes from the heart.

 Work out together

Take a long romantic walk with your loved one before dinner. If you and your beloved are not exercising regularly yet, this could start you off. You can make brisk walking your regular exerciseactivity. Walking 30 minutes for five days a week will be enough to keep you healthy.

 Treat your partner to some home cooking rather than a night out

Consider having a romantic candlelit dinner at home. If you cook your own meal, you can control what and how much you eat. You and your partner can even make this a joint activity and increase your quality time with each other. Also, dining in will keep you away from crowds and the new coronavirus and other respiratory tract pathogens.

 Eat with care

Whether you dine at home or in a restaurant, eat in moderation, do not go for second servings. Pass up on fatty and salty foods. Indulge more on fruits and vegetables and shy away from red meat. Also, take it easy on alcohol. Do not completely deprive yourself though. A slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream will surely not add to your waistline.

 Spice your intimate moments together

Do not party well into the night. Turn in early and spend more intimate moments with your beloved.

 Watch your health

Be mindful of your maintenance medications, if you have any. People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease tend to neglect their maintenance medications during special days like Valentine’s.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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