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ICYMI: McDonald’s Fish & Fries makes a splashing comeback

4Fish & Fries

By Kristelle Bechayda

The Lenten season is just around the corner, so it’s good to start easing into abstaining from meat. Leave it to McDonald’s to celebrate the fast in fast food, and abstinence, too, with the return of Fish & Fries, which joins the Filet-O-Fish to satiate seafood cravings.

For a limited time, savor this tasty catch. The Fish & Fries (₱155) features a fish fillet that has a golden crunchy coating. Imagine the dive into your choice of sauce—Creamy Tartar Sauce or Sweet & Sour. You may order it as a two-piece Fish & Fries meal (₱249), or opt for rice instead of fries for the same price.

1Double Filet-O-Fish

Don’t forget about the Filet-O-Fish (₱140), it’s a classic option. The sandwich is made with a soft, steamed bun that clasps a tender fish fillet smeared with creamy tartar sauce and topped with American cheese. It’s also available as a Double Filet-O-Fish for ₱192.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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