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In a relationship with Le Sucre Lab’s Red Velvet Dreamcake

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By Kristelle Bechayda

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, sweetness takes center stage everywhere. This is most likely represented literally as dessert items like chocolates and cakes that are personalized to befit the occasion. If you happen to be into red velvet, you wouldn’t want to miss Le Sucre Lab’s latest addition—the Red Velvet Dreamcake.

This limited edition cake in a can has six layers of gooey goodness. Filled with red velvet crumbs, light cream cheese mousse, crisp white chocolate disk, cream cheese frosting, moist red velvet cake, and the brand’s signature vanilla goo, the Red Velvet Dreamcake sounds like a dream come true for dessert lovers.

In case you’re feeling dubious about it, a few members of The Manila Bulletin Lifestyle got to sample the new treat, and shared their verdict.

One downside about eating cakes is one immediately feels full after taking only a few bites. It’s a good thing that the brand’s new addition will make you want to have some more with every spoonful. According to Vianca Gamboa, the cake doesn’t feel heavy in the stomach despite its six layers. 

“This one is super light and melts in your mouth the moment you take a bite, like it’s one whole filling without a base. It kind of has a tangy taste that counters the sweetness, so the flavor doesn’t go overboard. To be honest, I loved the chocolate dream cake so much that I thought this one wouldn’t deliver, but it did!” she says.

Le sucre 2The limited-edition Red Velvet Dreamcake costs ₱595 each

Another downside of cakes is they tend to have an overwhelming taste, a feat the Red Velvet Dreamcake has once again overcome. For Sheenah Romanillos, she finds the dessert’s contrasting flavors complement each other.

“It has a rich, tart-like texture and a combined taste of vanilla and chocolate. There’s a mild hint of bitterness to it, but was balanced by the sweetness. It tastes pretty good. It’s also a great option if you want to try something other than the typical chocolate cake,” she says.

Red velvet has become such a favorite among Filipinos, so much so that no special occasion is needed to enjoy. Kristofer Purnell hopes this limited edition item would actually become a staple in the stores. “I liked it! Red velvet is one of my favorite flavors. It was sweet, and I wish I had more bites because I bet it’s filling. Bagay for Valentine’s Day or holiday season, but I wish it’s available all year-round,” he says.

The Red Velvet Dreamcake is now available in all Le Sucre Lab stores for ₱595 each.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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