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It’s a Date!

By Paola Navarette


The hottest clubs in town and the most romantic restaurants are always the no-brainer first-date choices. And if the sparks are lacking and the lighting is low, the setting can feel overly constrained. That’s why it’s often best to keep things simple with just the right amount of twinkle, and then work your way up from there.

Here’s a collection of date ideas, perfect for a budding romance or a long-term relationship, that are a bit more creative than your usual movie and dinner dates.

1. Explore old Manila in style

Old romance still exists.

Travel back in time through charming cobblestone streets, replete with your choice of vehicle and a visit to five attractions steeped in history from the Spanish colonial era.

Visita Intramuros, launched by Manila Hotel in partnership with the Intramuros Administration, is designed to enable hotel guests to experience the rich heritage of both the hotel and Intramuros. The tour is best experienced on a tranvia or siklesa, a motor drawn kalesa.

(02) 527-0011 ext. 1232 |

2. Go on a hike

When you’re ready to go deeper with someone new, it’s a good idea to head outside. Science backs this up: Doing a physical activity together can help facilitate bonding. Taking a hike is a good idea as some of the best conversations occur on the trail. A bit further away from Manila is a place dubbed as the Chocolate Hills of the North—Mt. 387. The number 387 refers to the number of hectares that is covered by the Kalinga sa Kalikasan ng Puncan, a group that looks after the area. Those who wish to trek this mountain are obliged to take a seedling and plant it in designated areas along the trail. The ascent also consists of gently rolling trails and a campsite marked by the Lover’s Tree. Pick some peaks you want to tackle and attempt them together. Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch for a break on a scenic meadow and snacks such as trail mix and dried fruits.

Mt. 387 is located in Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija


3. Indulge in an exciting pottery workshop

Instead of shopping for new planters for your garden at home, why not make it yourself by enrolling in a weekend pottery class? Aside from learning a new skill, you can also have a friendly competition—whoever makes the best pots or vases wins. Beginner pottery classes at Tahanan Pottery Shop will provide all the basics such as clay, glaze, and kiln for you to get you started on your pottery journey. Instructors will also be on hand to guide you and your date through the basics, and ensure that your cup turns out like a pot.

(+63) 917 834 9525 | @tahananpottery



4. Visit a horror house

Just like watching scary movies, going to a horror house is a classic spooky date idea. This activity is not for the faint of heart, but it will certainly get your blood pumping. Think lots of screams, shrieks, and holding on to each other for dear life when you drop by Asylum Manila. Scary experiences can bond people together, so once you’ve gone through the house together and made it out alive, you can go celebrate by grabbing something to eat and talking about your experience.

(02) 8243 9322 | | @asylummanila



5. Watch horse racing live

If you’re in the mood for a little risk-taking but still want to show your date that you’re sophisticated, there’s nothing quite like watching a professional thoroughbred horse race. Horse racing is not the usual sporting event, but it provides revenues for the government. It is also a source of funding for charitable institutions. Most tracks are outside the city limits but are still accessible. Metro Manila Turf Club, located in Malvar, Batangas, holds races twice a week together with two other horse racing venues in the Philippines—Clubs Leisure Park and San Lazaro Leisure Park. A little adrenaline rush while watching these exciting horse races can help get the conversation started.

(043) 773 6682 |

6. Have a good laugh at a comedy bar

Everyone loves a good joke. Instead of worrying about coming up with entertaining one-liners all night long, head to a comedy bar and let others entertain you. Be prepared for anything from political gags to dirty jokes at Laffline, a bar famous for its lineup of the funniest stand-up comedians such as Pooh, Chokoleit, Donita Nose, Negi, and more. Take a seat at the front of the stage for some good-natured roasting, or chill at the back of the bar if you prefer to laugh along.

(02) 8372 2675 | @lafflinemanila



Source: Manila Bulletin

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