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Jollibee’s Tuna Pie returns with a hot new variant

By Kristelle Bechayda

Sometimes ordering one meal in a fast food establishment just isn’t enough, even if it is “complete.” That’s why sides are important, they make it more filling. Speaking of filling, we’re having so many feelings about this bit of news—the seasonal comeback of Jollibee’s famous Tuna Pie!

There’s a plot twist, too. With the anticipated return of the seasonal item, comes the introduction of a new variant, the Spicy Tuna Pie. Imagine biting into the same crispy crust, tasting the familiar flavor of the creamy tuna in your mouth, except with a kick of spiciness to it.

“It can’t be denied that there’s always a resounding clamor for everyone’s favorite Tuna Pie. Fans are excited to be able to order this Jollibee classic once again,” said Mari Aldecoa, the brand’s marketing director for core products. “As we pride ourselves on having something for everyone as much as we can, we also wanted to give an extra surprise for fans of spicy food with new Spicy Tuna Pie, which they’ll definitely love!”

Just like the Original Tuna Pie, this new variant is sold at ₱45 each. It can also be bought as a Tuna Pie Trio at ₱132. The new variant is now available in all Jollibee stores nationwide. | Facebook: @JollibeePhilippines

Source: Manila Bulletin

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