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La Linda Ley’s Birthday Bash Mixes Party with Charity



Linda Ley celebrated her birthday in a Studio 54–themed bash at Marriott Manila

From the moment we walked into the ballroom of Marriott Manila to celebrate Linda Ley’s disco-themed Studio 54 birthday bash, it brought back memories of the nights we’d spent at New York’s iconic Studio 54. Those were the days, when one winter evening, Rupert and I, together with Priscilla Sison, George Sison, Ping Valencia, and Carlo Orosa, arrived at the famous disco in a limo and were escorted straight in.


Birthday celebrator Linda Ley (center), with Louie Cruz, Thelma San Juan, Helen Ong, the author, AA Patawaran, and Mario Katigbak


George Hizon (third from right) with the drag queens and a “Village People” member at left


Victor Ley, Mitch Garcia, and Michael Ley


Johnny Litton, Chris Badiola, Criselda Lontok, Mellie Ablaza, and Louie Ablaza

The nightspot was known for its restrictive entry policy. Hundreds would fall in line, at the mercy of the door bitch and his bouncers, and only a handpicked few would be let ib. Once inside it was a feverish, high-octane disco scene where the eclectic crowd rocked on at the dance floor to the beat of disco sounds and psychedelic lights.


Gerry Sunga, Agile Zamora, George Yano, Connie Haw, and Albert Andrada


Michelle Tan and Kevin Tan


Len Olbes, Sheree Chua, Czarina Syquia, Gina Mohnani, and Jun Jun Ablaza

At the Marriott, the overwhelming decor with dazzling originality greeted us: electrifying, eye-popping with kinetic excitement. Everywhere you looked there were huge disco balls, futuristic chandeliers, spotlights, and cages for those in the mood for a-go-go dancing. Society fashionistas went to great lengths dressed in full regalia, in Afro wigs, bell bottoms, sequined dresses, jewelry, platform shoes, to nail the disco mood. The revelers wasted no time in taking selfies and photo ops with the Village People, and Cher who paraded in the LED dance floor.


Aida Cobankiat, Sunny Vergara, Ruby Vergara, Merci Padolina, and Joy Rustia


Lilibeth Campos, Ofi Wadle, Leo Valdez, and Tess Schoefer


Malu Francisco and David Lim


Roselle Rebano, Rosemarie Ong, and Amos Ong

The star attraction of the evening, birthday celebrator, La Linda, made a dramatic entrance with sound and music effects, and with her flirty spirit she floated in as a goddess wearing a voluminous skirt and a colorful head wrap. Known to be one of society’s most elegant dressers, Linda always dresses to the occasion, sparked with an element of surprise.


Rachel de Guzman and Alice Samson


Emma Pante, Len Olbes, Cory Quirino, and Master Soriano


Mikee Romero and Sheila Romero


Celi Panelo, Atty. Sal Panelo, Marian Hahn, Willie Hahn, and Ruth Rodriquez

DJ Jon Tupas opened the program with Linda’s jologs group who performed a dance medley.  The Spirit of ’67 got the party people dancing as though in a trance. Linda’s husband Victor and her children gave heartwarming speeches, which made Linda teary eyed. Her best friends likewise shared amusing anecdotes of their friendship. “It’s my milestone birthday and I wanted to do something unforgettable,” she told me. “The best way was to throw an epic Studio 54-themed disco bash at Marriott Hotel styled by Teddy Manuel.”


Ricky Laurel and Yoli Ayson


Nympha Valencia


Nessa Co, Micah Cabral, Kim Evangelista, and Adrienne Ley

Linda knows her power and uses it to help the less fortunate. “I belong to a group, ‘Angels to Street Kids’ whose main goal is to feed the poor and hungry kids in the marginalized areas of Metro Manila,” she said. “When we started in 2001, there were only five of us and today we have grown to 20. We occasionally feed the homeless, elderly women who sleep on the pavement outside the side gate of Baclaran church. We’ve put up a soup kitchen in Tondo and we can feed 2,000 kids and elders a month. We feed them a generous helping of arroz caldo.


Sitoy de Guzman


Sylvia Chen, Edgardo Go, Alice Ng, Barbara Ng, and Joni Lim

La Linda couldn’t be happier with where she’s at, and with the friends and family in her life. 

Source: Manila Bulletin

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