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Love Yourself

By Kimi Lu

My book, MASTURDATING: An Intentional Guidebook to Celebrate Life!, is filled with 29 challenges that teaches you how to intentionally celebrate life, whether you’re single or in a relationship. For this specific article though, I’d like to share my top five picks for single ladies like me. This will help in filling up their cups first and enjoying their singlehood before getting into a relationship.

1. Watch the sunset.

Take yourself to a place where you can have a quiet moment to watch the sunset. In the Philippines, we have a lot of places where you can do this. If you’re in the city, take a stroll near the Manila Bay and watch its iconic sunset. Seaside towns and famous beach destinations like Palawan, La Union, and Boracay are just some of the out-of-town spots where you can also behold amazing sunset scenes. The good thing about this is you don’t need a date—you just need yourself and your entire mind fully present at that moment. You’ll be grateful for witnessing God’s magnificence, and you’ll realize in that moment how you are never really alone. You always have God with you, all over you, and even inside your heart.

2. Treat yourself to a coffee date.

Coffee remains to be a staple drink among Filipinos. And it’s no wonder why coffee shops, whether foreign or local chains, are always packed. Barako coffee, a variation of the Liberica species, is a cultural symbol with a bold and distinctive flavor. It’s perfect for nights when you want to unwind and enjoy “me time.” Sip the coffee with much awareness, and taste every bit of it. People-watch and observe how they interact with each other. Watch their body language, how they smile, and how they laugh. Observe your surroundings. Be grateful for your time by yourself.

3. Hug it out.

Filipinos are known for being friendly and warm, and it shows in how we express our affection to our loved ones, especially during family reunions. And did you know that we need at least eight hugs a day to survive? But some of us don’t even get one. So, at the very least, we hug ourselves. The best way is to be open and initiate showing affection, because it is automatically reciprocated and totally free.

4. Get a massage.

Regular activation of pressure points is vital to our well-being, and getting a massage is one way to keep our bodies healthy. One massage you can try is the traditional hilot, an ancient Filipino healing massage that restores balance in the body by using a banana leaf and coconut oil. It would also be good to include aromatherapy through essential oils when you’re being massaged as these oils trigger calmness and inner peace. Wouldn’t you want this for yourself?

5. Turn up the music and dance.

Do you remember your younger days in school when you would be asked to dance traditional dances like the CariƱosa—a folk dance that involves a fan or handkerchief for romantic effect? Or how fiestas in your province are celebrated with dances and parades? Dancing is a good way to release tension and just have fun, and you can do this regularly in the comfort of your own room to raise your energy and heartbeat. Let’s just say it’s practice for when your heart beats for THE ONE!

I’m not saying you can’t celebrate life anymore when you’re in a relationship. I’m saying you don’t need to be miserable while you’re single. You can enjoy life. You can be happy. It’s a matter of choice. These activities will help you realize that. Just do it already, and thank me later. You never know what magic this may bring into your life—real soon!

Source: Manila Bulletin

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