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Lover’s Dictionary

Illustrations by ARIANA MARALIT

Modern dictionary

From the pre-Hispanic era to the 21st century, Filipino courtship and romantic relationships have evolved in favor of the younger generation’s perspectives on dating. The goal before was to get into a serious relationship that would eventually be sealed by marriage, no matter how haba the prusisyon was. But the modern age has presented more complicated issues.

Dating culture has been revolutionized, thanks to social media, the age of punchy, often kitchy terms derived from whatever the latest trend is: twerk, bae, woke, and more. We bet Noah Webster must be “shaking his head,” but maybe not. After all, he believed in the language of the street. “Language is not an abstract construction of the learned,” he said, “or of dictionary makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, affections, tastes, of long generations of humanity, and has its bases broad and low, close to the ground.”

It is a whole new language that has developed with new dating lingo that has stemmed from different dating scenarios we encounter. From the many layers in a relationship (if you are in one deep enough to call it that), to the different ways of “testing the waters,” to old manipulative dating tactics with a modern twist, we must have all encountered these words that represent some of life’s most heart-filling or heart-wrenching moments.

Here is the Modern Lovers’ Dictionary:

Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_02Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_12Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_13Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_20Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_21Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_17Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_18Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_15Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_16Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_22Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_14Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_05Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_06Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_04Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_07Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_08Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_03Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_09Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_10Modern Dating Dictionary_inside_11

Source: Manila Bulletin

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