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Movements and Moments

By Maan D’Asis Pamaran

As a photographer, Jervie A. Lazaro started out by taking pictures of still objects such as trees or mountain views, along with more dynamic scenes like children at play.

“In college, I saw photography as a medium to capture moments, and I started getting serious with it when I attended a photography event by the Digital Photography Philippines group. Seeing the works by our country’s best photographers and attending the lectures and workshops ignited my interest further,” shares Jervie.

  • Wonderful Mayon (Jervie Lazaro)

    Wonderful Mayon (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Sunset at Anda (Jervie Lazaro)

    Sunset at Anda (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Silip (Jervie Lazaro)

    Silip (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Senakulo (Jervie Lazaro)

    Senakulo (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Sacrifice (Jervie Lazaro)

    Sacrifice (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Rush Hour (Jervie Lazaro)

    Rush Hour (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Reflection (Jervie Lazaro)

    Reflection (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Photographer of the Week: Jervie Lazaro

    Photographer of the Week: Jervie Lazaro

  • Prayer (Jervie Lazaro)

    Prayer (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Pig Headed (Jervie Lazaro)

    Pig Headed (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Penitence (Jervie Lazaro)

    Penitence (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Panata (Jervie Lazaro)

    Panata (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Oldest Mambabatok (Jervie Lazaro)

    Oldest Mambabatok (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Mt. Pulag (Jervie Lazaro)

    Mt. Pulag (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Masskara Festival (Jervie Lazaro)

    Masskara Festival (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Magayon (Jervie Lazaro)

    Magayon (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Love (Jervie Lazaro)

    Love (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Long Path (Jervie Lazaro)

    Long Path (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Life (Jervie Lazaro)

    Life (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Life Behind the Windows (Jervie Lazaro)

    Life Behind the Windows (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Independence (Jervie Lazaro)

    Independence (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Heritage (Jervie Lazaro)

    Heritage (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Happiness (Jervie Lazaro)

    Happiness (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Free (Jervie Lazaro)

    Free (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Dinagyang Warrior (Jervie Lazaro)

    Dinagyang Warrior (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Culture (Jervie Lazaro)

    Culture (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Children at Work (Jervie Lazaro)

    Children at Work (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Breath of Fire (Jervie Lazaro)

    Breath of Fire (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Boracay Sunset (Jervie Lazaro)

    Boracay Sunset (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Anilag Festival (Jervie Lazaro)

    Anilag Festival (Jervie Lazaro)

  • Ani ng Laguna (Jervie Lazaro)

    Ani ng Laguna (Jervie Lazaro)

    Sparked by a talk given by Rommel Bundalian, who recounted his adventure on Mt. Pulag with just one battery to sustain his shooting and said: “It’s always easy to take as many photos as you want, but the challenge is, how many good quality images can you take home?” Jervie became more conscious about his own photography efforts. “I also enjoy hiking mountains and taking photos along the way which is why I can relate. I started asking myself, ‘did I get a quality image?’ I began to learn photography the proper way. From there, I started browsing the Internet searching for techniques, proper framing, and other tips that may help me improve.” It was around 2017, when he joined his current club, Manila Avid Photographers.

    Today, he specializes in street and travel photography and in photojournalism. “I am always challenged to shoot moving subjects such as people crossing the streets, kids playing in the rain, performers dancing with the beat of the drums, Nazarene devotees eager to reach the rope during the Traslacion procession and other lively action scenes I encounter in the streets or as I travel.”

    Movement and stirring visuals are something close to his heart, he adds, as he was a former dancer and choreographer of a dance group and a former member of a theater group. Perhaps owing to his performing arts background, he has a trained eye when it comes to capturing interesting stills of people in motion. He has gathered several trophies and awards from different photo competitions such as PhotoWorld Cup’s “Rush Hour” themed contest, Bacolod’s Masskara Festival, Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival, and Laguna’s Anilag Festival along with other citations in local and international online photography communities.

    “My best recognition so far was being named as our club’s Photographer of the Year in 2019. It was such a fulfilling experience for me to get the award and see the result of my hard work in photography,” he adds.

    Even with his awards, photography is more than the recognition one gets from others, he says. “My basic and most important principle as a photographer is to shoot confidently and make yourself happy more than anyone else.”

    Jervie pushed himself to take the 366 challenge in 2016, where one would post a photo a day for 366 days. That experience taught him the value of discipline.  He advises that “winning” photos will eventually come along the way as you develop your own style. There should be no pressure from capturing the best photos.

    “As you improve your skills in photography, you must enjoy every detour and learn from it. Each photo is unique, every photo has its own story, and every photo is a good photo. It may not be as perfect as your audience sees it, but as long as you satisfy yourself by capturing ‘moments’ and putting your own style into it, you already did your job! Your photo doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be you,” Jervie concludes.

    Source: Manila Bulletin

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