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Philpost Launches Express Pada-Love, Featuring A Singing Postman


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhilPost) brings back old school romance through its Express Pada-Love, a domestic express mail service where you can send letters and cards with a special stamp, flowers, chocolates, and other gift items. On top of these, a singing postman will also be serenading to your special someone.

This Singing Kartero package, for P2,500, comes with a bouquet of flowers, a greeting card, and two songs for the mailman to sing. PhilPost head of marketing Diosdado Marquez says that couples have used this service not just to celebrate but also to patch things up after a fight.

Photos from the Philippine Postal Corporation

Photos from the Philippine Postal Corporation

Although we now live in a technologically driven era where you can easily send a message through your phone, Marquez believes that letters are still relevant. ‘’We hope to revive the tradition of letter making, particularly among the younger generation. We want them to experience its beauty, its authenticity and sincerity, particularly with the effort it takes,’’ he says.

This Year’s Express Pada-Love also has a special Valentine’s Day Stamp, which recently went viral on social media, worth P12.

Graphic artist Jane Junio was inspired to create the stamp after witnessing a generation of hopeless romantics who throw hugot lines, read Wattpad romance novels, and share memes of relationship goals. She hopes that this Valentine’s Day people will celebrate all kinds of love.

Personalized Selfie Stamps are also available. Take a selfie at the Manila Post Office’s Booth and have it stamped at your letter!

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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