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Skin House empowers through beauty and confidence, and reminds you to invest in yourself


Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic seems to be the quintessential modern aesthetic center decked with pristine marble floors, gold home accents, and luxurious custom-made furniture. Go beyond the facade and you’ll stumble upon the state-of-the-art machines and facilities readily available for any skin concern needing attention. Move further inside and there you’ll find the heart of Skin House: its people. They are eager to assist you in discovering the best version of yourself, inside and out.


Co-founder Joanne Yu, Dr. Michael Dagala, Dr. Lovely Daet, and Dr. Elaine Joyce Aban

“Don’t go after love, money, or success,” says Joanne Yu, co-founder and operations manager of Skin House. “Be the best version of yourself and those things will come to you. Indeed, you can’t go wrong when you invest in yourself. You will definitely go places.”

The “house” was built to be a haven of beauty, a trip to paradise, but without breaking the bank. The very first customer was Joanne herself. It was eight years ago when the mother of two couldn’t find a clinic that provided better and more affordable options. She took a leap of faith, and opened her first clinic in Quezon City that was followed by a branch in Pasig. “We started with just one laser machine and grew slowly but surely over the years,” she says. “We only work with board-certified dermatologists and nurses, and only get the best machines in the market. This helps ensure that we provide the best possible services to our patients.”


The latest beauty center is in Bonifacio Global City. “We want to make our clinics accessible and convenient to all who wish to get a confidence boost through our beauty treatments,” Joanne says. “We want our clients to feel special when they have their treatments done, and that every single client gets the attention and care they deserve. We want them to look forward to their visits and be excited for the results of their treatments.”

Don’t go after love, money, or success. Be the best version of yourself and those things will come to you.

Despite the opulent interiors and the variety of A-list beauty services, Skin House feels like a second home because of the people, especially with its current roster of ambassadors— real women with real beauty.


Yanee Nunez Alvarez, Denise Heredia, and Elle Uy

Yanee Nunez Alvarez is a mom who prioritizes family over other things and we believe she is just as equally empowered as women who rock in the business scene,” Joanne says. “Denise Heredia is a young, talented artist who is making a name for herself in an environment mostly dominated by men. Lastly, Elle Uy is a talented interior decorator who is taking on the challenge to transform condo units to livable spaces.”

We ask what Skin House is known for and Joanne readily shares her top recommendations: Revlite/ Starwalker Angel White Laser treatment for dark underarms and other pigmentations, the GentleMax Pro machine is the most efficient hair removal system to date, and Ultherapy that features a micro-focused ultrasound that lifts, tightens, and contours the face.


Gentle Max Pro

For facials, the proud highlight is the Madonna Oxylight, the most covetable celebrity all-in-one treatment made popular by none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna.


Madonna Oxylight

So what exactly is the Madonna Oxylight treatment? Joanne says it’s a combination of six top-ofthe-line beauty procedures that use microdermabrasion, light, oxygen, microcurrent, and ultrasound. With zero downtime, the Madonna Oxylight detoxifies, lifts, and tightens the skin, making it a well-deserved total skin workout that relaxes and pampers you. It also addresses a multitude of skin concerns like enlarged pores, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.


Joanne believes that beauty builds confidence, which, in turn, empowers. “When you feel beautiful, you feel more confident to take on life changing decisions,” she says. “When you look good and feel good, you will have generally happy thoughts that would reverberate with the people around you and the people that matter most in your life.”

With an army of trained professionals and board-certified dermatologists, including Dr. Lovely Daet, Dr. Michael Dagala, and Dr. Elaine Joyce Aban, Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic aims to empower women one patient at a time by providing quality and affordable services that go beyond skin deep.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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