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If one were to think that the Philippines is going through a lot in 2020, and it is only February, you really shouldn’t be surprised. Beyond the much talked about coronavirus, the Philippines has the distinction of being the bullseye in the middle of what one could call the disaster dartboard. We are hit by more tropical storms than any other country, catastrophic earthquakes visit us regularly, and we live inside the ominously descriptive ring of fire.

So flowers are fine, chocolates delicious, but nothing says “I love you” more than gifts that will allow your loved ones to face the Apocalypse with confidence. Here’s your doomsday gift guide for Valentine’s Day.
1. The not-so-humble flashlight
The humble flashlight is no longer so humble. Gone are the days you switch it on and off and that’s it. Today’s flashlights are packed with features from multiple intensity levels to strobe functions. Make sure your loved ones have a lit pathway whether they’re going through ashfall or an electrical grid failure. Pick up the Olight at Forged Philippines, feature laden, shock and
water proof, some even have a special SOS blinking function.

A knife, often vilified by Hollywood as a weapon but is in reality a tool (90 percent of the knives do the same thing, open boxes, cut string, divide pizza at office get-togethers). In an emergency, a knife is an indispensable tool to use from everything to prepare firewood or opening emergency rations. Pick up the venerable SpydercoDelica, a long time mainstay of this US based
knife manufacturer—available in several non-tactical colors and different blade shapes.

2. The emergency bag
The classic arm candy, whether Bottega or Chanel, another fine Valentine gift, but have you tried fitting your emergency rations into those tiny bags? Maxpedition produces some of the best thought-out bags for those times when function trumps form…or fashion. Best pick is the Maxpedition Entity series of backpacks—from “everyday carry” size to “let’s head to the
mountains” bag. Tip: Make sure you find all the hidden pockets.

3. Shoes—no, not just any pair
Shoes, yes, shoes. The oft-overlooked and most important piece clothing. Make sure your loved one stays ahead of the zombie horde and doesn’t slow your trek to your back-up location when you bug out. Lowa is the biggest outdoor footwear manufacturer in Europe. Apart from hiking boots they have now a tactical, active sports and travel shoes and boots. No longer are “rubber shoes” the default footwear for active events. Pick up the Lowa San Francisco, possibly the most technically advanced travel shoe on the market.

All of these products and more are available in all Forged stores nationwide. Check out their Facebook Page Forged Philippines on what else you can buy.

Beyond his role as sales and marketing manager at Forged Philippines, Joey Zaballero is a prepper. His constant struggle to win over his wife to embrace the prepper lifestyle is helped along by random events like Ondoy and Typhoon Yolanda. She is coming around.

Featured photo courtesy of The Prepared Page

Source: Manila Bulletin

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