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The Macallan No. 5 is straightforward and limited


By Jayvee Fernandez

We’ve made it! It’s 2020 and The Macallan has released its first limited inspiration for the new decade, the Edition No. 5.

They call it Edition No. 5 because it is the fifth release of a brazen combination of chemistry and art to produce, well, a bottle with strikingly purple packaging.

Yes, it’s purple. Pantone purple. MAC001 to be exact, an official collaboration between The Macallan and Pantone, the stewards of color. Yes, it’s a marketing stunt and it’s there to assert the point that Macallan doesn’t use color additives and that the aged amber and golds come from the casks.

This is a sweet edition, literally more approachable than what I expected. On the nose, you get vanilla bean, chocolate truffles, malt, and a bit of sea brine. On the mouth, you get pretty much the same thing—it’s very bourbon and sherry forward with that long finish that makes a Macallan stand out due to its stubbed pot stills.

The Macallan No. 5 is definitely a collectible, only because it is a Macallan. And it’s purple. That’s a rarity in bottle marketing right there. A blind test would put this whisky on the above-average scale as there’s nothing truly complex about it. But then again, with everything happening in the world today, a straightforward sweet and slightly fruity scotch might be something we all need this 2020.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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