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The Most Realistic Games You Can Play in 2020



NBA 2K versus NBA Live, which game is more realistic?

Video game technology has truly come a long way since the blocky two-dimensional exploits of the Super Mario brothers and even the relatively more recent polygonal hijinks of Crash Bandicoot. We could spend hours arguing that Stephen Curry’s jumper looks a lot more accurate on NBA Live or that LeBron James’ features are downright lifelike on NBA 2K20, but here’s a surprise for you: The most realistic graphics you’ll ever see in your life are out there on the streets.

Video games are all the rage nowadays. Take a look around and it wouldn’t be at all difficult to find someone with their eyes glued to their mobile phones playing Call of Duty or Mobile Legends.

How many Filipino homes own a PlayStation or an Xbox? In 2017, 29.9 million Filipino gamers spent a total of $354 dollars on video games, ranking the Philippines 29th worldwide in game revenues. Even when not playing, 67 percent of gamers spend their time watching video content of playthroughs or tips and tricks on YouTube, according to a study from Last year also witnessed the recognition of e-sports as an official sporting event in the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

But here’s the point of this article: Just don’t forget all the classic and timeless games or other physical activities that help in all the ways that video games may not. For children, practice balance and body rhythm with piko or simply build up a sweat with games like sipa, tumbang preso, taya-tayaan, etc. For teens, maybe run to your nearest court for a game of pickup basketball to improve your cardio, strengthen your bones, and learn how to work with a team.


Try a new sport and discover more hobbies. Even make new friends while you’re at it. Invest in a couple of board games for some quality time with your family. You’d be surprised at all the fun you could have. But why? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

  1. Physical games may improve quality of sleep compared to video games, which may cause insomnia. Think of all the times you played a video game and said “just one more minute.” How many of those minutes turned into hours and how many of those hours reached the wee hours of the morning? While on the other hand, physical activity can contribute to more time spent in deep sleep, which helps boost immune functions, supports cardiac health, and controls stress.
  1. Excessive gaming may lead to video game addiction, which is recognized as a disorder by the World Health Organization and includes symptoms such as depression and social withdrawal. Meanwhile, getting active and playing outside helps the body release “feel good” endorphins and outside exposure could open the door for positive social interaction.
  1. Video games may impair your ability to concentrate while exercise helps your brain improve short term focus for up to three hours afterward. Children who play video games three hours a day have been found to have a 67 percent chance of developing attention problems such as having difficulty focusing on schoolwork and similar, less exciting tasks.

These are just a few of the good things about playing outside and that’s not to say that video games don’t have their benefits. Playing video games has been shown to help with sensorimotor tasks, hand-eye coordination, and improvement of visual skills. While some studies suggest that video games result in anti-social behavior, violence, and even bad posture, it is important to note that there is a fine line between recreational and excessive gaming. Go ahead and keep playing your mobile, PC, or console games, but do it in balance and make sure you step outside to the real world every once in a while.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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