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This app can ease your laundry woes

Most of us have to juggle time between career and family as well as housework. Cleaning the house, changing linens, cooking, and doing laundry take up a lot of time and energy. Outsourcing some chores by using the power of technology, for instance, can ease life a little bit and save some quality time for the things you love to do. For laundry needs, there is now the Jeff app, serviced by Mr Jeff laundry shops.

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Jeff’s idea stems from something very simple. Its Spanish founders, young techpreneurs Eloi Gómez, Adrián Lorenzo, and Rubén Muñoz, have observed people living frantically and often not having time to enjoy simple pleasures. They saw an opportunity in the laundry industry and decided on offering home-delivery laundry and dry-cleaning services.

“In our research, Filipinos spend an average of four hours a day commuting (in traffic, waiting for public transport,
or locating parking space). With the Jeff app and pick-up/ delivery service, Filipinos can spend more of their time in recreational activity instead of spending hours washing, hanging, and folding their clothes,” says Aaron Rodriguez, Jeff’s VP of marketing.

Mr Jeff guarantees a 48-hour turnover and this is backed up by a system that Filipino franchisees use to schedule and book customers so they are able to meet the scheduled delivery of customers’ clothes. If you are keen on online shopping, delivery services, restaurant booking, food delivery, and mobile banking, being able to outsource your laundry using the Jeff app adds to the usefulness of the phone as a tool to make day-to-day life easier.

The Jeff app and website—downloadable and accessible through any mobile phone or computer—allows customers to select the exact location, time, and day of laundry pick-up. A driver then picks up the customer’s laundry, and delivers them, cleaned and folded, ironed or dry cleaned, in just 48 hours.

The laundry is washed in Mr Jeff Laundry Hubs located in several areas (such as Alabang, Las Piñas, Ermita, Congressional Avenue, West Fairview, Tiendesitas, and Sta. Rosa). More hubs are opening soon.

The app is available through subscription and has two options: the Plan Lite which includes four regular laundry bags (approximately four to five kilograms) at 960 to 1,060/ month or 240 to 265 per week and is good for one to two persons. The Plan Max includes four large laundry bags (approximately eight to 10 kilograms) and costs 1,280 to 1,399/ month or 320 to 350 per week. Extra services such as additional laundry bags and ironing are also available.

All these plans include one laundry service per week or four pick-ups and four deliveries per month. Customers can change the date and time of pick-up and delivery via the app. Subscriptions are renewed monthly but customers can cancel any time before their month renews. They are also allowed to “pause” their subscriptions if they’re going on holiday.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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