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This Facebook update gives parents access to their children’s Messenger


With the aim to protect children online and to help parents monitor their children’s social media activities and their online conversations, social media giant Facebook has unveiled new tools for its Messenger Kids platform.

According to Facebook, through Parent Dashboard feature, guardians can now see their kids’ daily conversations—both video chatting and exchange of messages. This tool will also send a report on how frequent these conversations take place in a month.

Aside from these, parents can also see the recent photos and videos their children have sent and received. If they find any image or video that is not appropriate, they now have the option to delete it and even report it.
Facebook will also notify parents if their children blocked or reported someone on Messenger. Parent Dashboard also shows if a child logged in or logged out of his account from any device. With this update, guardians can even download and get a copy of their child’s Messenger Kids information.


Lastly, to educate children under 13 years old on how their information is used and shared, Facebook announced that it will start using “kid-appropriate language.”

“As kids start using technology, we think it’s important to help them understand how their information is used and shared,” Facebooks says. “That’s why we developed an in-app activity that uses kid-appropriate language to educate kids on the types of information people can see about them.”


Messenger Kids app was first launched in 2017, and just like any other app, this requires internet data or connection to operate.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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