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This Filipino Folklore Book for D&D is Coming Soon


Islands and Aswangs as Smart Object-1

“All is not lost. We’re still here!”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that rose almost CAN $28,000 in funding last year from over 650 backers, the creators of Islands &Aswangs have posted a long awaited update on the status of the Dungeons & Dragon’s (D&D) companion book.

Based on their new timeline, we can expect to see physical shipping to backers by August, which hopefully means available copies to others soon after.

But even before that, the creators will be having public play-tests at around Toronto, Canada to have a local deadline that will keep the project accountable and public.

islands and aswangs 2

From previews posted on their social media and Kickstarter account, players can expect to see classic Filipino folklore creatures such as the aswang, batibat, and tiyanak as D&D monsters. Alongside the human race, we may play characters of the race of duwende, tikbalang, or diwata, with classes such as babaylan and shapeshifter, to name a few.

The reflection of our Filipino culture does not stop there, as there are mentions of weapons such as the bolo knife, skills in Filipino martial arts, and even the power of pre-Hispanic deities.

islands and aswangs 3

According to their Kickstarter campaign: “Islands &Aswangs is an illustrated fantasy book about Filipino folklore that you can also use to play Dungeons & Dragons. The book is a collection of stories as the Filipino creators ourselves have inherited them, but it’s also an invitation to create your own adventures with friends.”

For more information, check out their website:

Source: Manila Bulletin

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