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Your Three-Day Boracay Newcoast Itinerary

When one thinks of a paradise-like island, a place that comes to mind is Boracay. Hailed many times as the world’s best, it’s only natural for an island as attractive as Boracay to cater to thousands or even millions of guests each year. During the summer season, it’s almost impossible to find a spot within the island that’s not packed with tourists. While this isn’t a bad thing, sometimes, there’s a rewarding feeling in being in a beautiful place that’s secluded.

Not too far from the main station of Boracay island is what’s called the Boracay Newcoast, a part of the world-renowned destination where you can savor the peace and tranquility of the beach. If you’re eyeing to visit the island one of these days, here’s a quick guide on how to spend your standard three days and two nights vacation.

Day 1
In order to maximize your first day on the island, it’s advisable to take the earliest flight from Manila to Boracay. Not only will you arrive on the island just in time to start your adventure in paradise, you’ll also have a nice view of dawn while you’re in the plane.

A standard flight from Manila to Aklan usually takes around an hour. From the Gedofredo P. Ramos Airport in Malay, it will entail a 10-minute land travel going to the Cagban Port, where you’ll need to ride either a speed boat or a regular boat that will take you to the Jetty Port within 15 minutes. From the Jetty Port, it will take you around 45 minutes to reach Boracay Newcoast.


When looking for a place to stay, you might come across Belmont Hotel. This establishment advocates for sustainability—the entire management of the hotel participates in the beach cleanup every week and to see to it that their operation is always environmentally-friendly. They even installed solar lamps within the vicinity of their township.

Located within a three-tower building, Belmont Hotel hosts more than 400 rooms which are designed and made with utmost convenience in mind for the visitors.

All that travel will definitely make you hungry, so for your first day on the island, try the flavors of Boracay at Belmont Cafe, which has a wide selection of Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

Around 3 o’clock is the ideal time to have a tour around the area through a bike ride. Be sure not to miss the view of the private beach and feel the cool breeze from the shore at the viewing deck of the Newcoast Village.

Right after breaking a sweat due to a biking session, you can opt to chill and spend a lazy afternoon at the Zabana Pool of Belmont where you can appreciate a variety of refreshing drinks.

Right before sunset is the best time to finally enjoy a dip in the sea. And since Belmont is located in the less crowded area of Boracay, you can almost have its private beach all to yourself.

Day 2
When in Boracay, it’s also a must to try and experience the main beach and the bustling stores at the main station. You can spend your second day on the island exploring the main beach where you can also have a sunset cruise and a snorkeling session. No need to worry about how to get from Newcoast to the main beach of the island since the hotel has an all-day complimentary shuttle service.


After spending the entire day roaming around the main beach of Boracay and before you retire to sleep in your room, why not reward yourself even more with a soothing spa? Belmont Hotel has an in-house spa room called the Aqua Spa where massage therapists use an herbal ball other than just their bare hands to give guests a more relaxing feeling. Among their offerings are the Swedish Aqua Wave Massage and the Hot Stone Massage Isla Pura.

Day 3
On your last day of stay in Boracay, better wake up early to enjoy the view of a picturesque sunrise. You can spend the entire morning basking by the shore and swimming in the sea afterward. While you’re at it, you can also take countless snaps not just for the sake of posting on your social media accounts but to also remind you that you spent a few days in a marvelous piece of nature that is Boracay.


Source: Manila Bulletin

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