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Early this year, the Ateneo de Manila University School of Science and Engineering published a research done by its own professor emeritus Dr. Fabian Antonio Dayrit and Dr. Mary Newport of Spring Hill Neonatology, Inc. It posited the existence of a treatment candidate, coconut oil, against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Coconut oil is readily available in the Philippines, and is safe for use. From body lotions to dietary supplements, coconut oil products in the country are abundant and widely available.

Manila Bulletin
Currently, there are no known vaccines or cure for COVID-19. Scientists have rallied against time to get vaccines to clinical and human trials as early as possible.
Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization (WHO) director general, reported that it already started trials of vaccines a mere two months after the novel coronavirus genetic sequencing had been shared internationally. WHO announced that incredible advancements were made in what was dubbed as the Solidarity Trial in figuring out which treatment was most effective against COVID-19.

In the Philippines, researchers are looking to the viability of virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a potential treatment for COVID-19, which has infected almost 200,000 people, and which has caused 7,807 deaths worldwide. The Philippine Council on Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST) announced last month that they are undergoing trial tests for coconut oil against the virus.

With antiviral properties, coconut oil and its derivatives have shown its efficacy in both human and animal trials. In their report, Dr. Dayrit and Dr. Newport enumerated three mechanisms to explain the antiviral activity of lauric acid and monolaurin present in coconut oil, “First, they cause the disintegration of the virus envelope; second, they can inhibit late maturation stage in the virus replicative cycle; and third, they can prevent the binding of viral proteins to the host cell membrane.”

In the same report, the doctors relayed how coconut oil itself has shown to have anti-HIV properties in small clinical studies, resulting in significant health improvements for patients. Studies have shown patients tend to show higher levels of CD4, CD8, and T-lymphocyte counts compared to those who weren’t on the coconut oil treatment.

Given the huge potential of coconut oil as cure, researchers are starting to recommend VCO as a general prophylactic against viral and microbial infections, including COVID-19.


Source: Manila Bulletin

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